Movie / New Ramen place in Colombo (Misoya)

This weekend finally we got to watch Coco!

Returning to the wonderfully modern ScopeCinema with their comfortable seats, great sound and full blast AC. At 10:30AM it was not crowded at all and we were spare that ‘Frozen’ short film that I read so many complaints about.

And we all loved the movie.

Afterwards we checked out Good Market at the Race Course and came across this banner for a new ramen place!

While we had pretty decent ramen before here at Kuuraku, which is an overall Japanese place, we came back for dinner to try this new restaurant specializing on that hearty noodle dish.

Seating and service is friendly and efficient. They offer 3 broth flavors and point out proudly that they use 2 different kitchens (one for pork, one for veggie / chicken) to be able to attract and serve the halal crowd.

We each tried a different broth, but I think Ritsu’s and Julius’ tasted very very similar (one was supposed to be more salty that they other, I found them both kinda salty) and mine was the spicy variety, and yes, it had a slight kick, but I was wishing for something that would enhance this kick, the supplied chili paste at the table did very little to help.

But overall, and not trying to compare with all time favorite Bakatare, this was really nice ramen and I can see us coming back here again, whenever we feel like we need a ramen fix.

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Meanwhile …

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Emperor’s Birthday

Like so many times in the past (as early as Fiji back in 2002) we were invited by the Japanese Ambassador to celebrate the Japanese Emperor’s birthday.

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Early Morning Speed Session

It has been 3 weeks since I managed to get myself out of bed at 3:55AM to get to the morning speed session (well, and last week the weather was crap). And while I had not really planned on joining today, somehow I woke up just before 4AM with no alarm clock and I felt ready to run.

When we start out, it is still dark, but slowly the sun rises and in between segments I managed to get this nice Buddha photo.

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Trip to the vet

By now the cat has spent 2 nights with us, we set up her own realm in one of our spare laundry corners by the kitchen and she seems to be pretty ok with that.

Of course she demands attention when she hears us, but I also found her playing nicely all by herself. Oh, and she has figured out the concept of a (make shift) litter box, which is great.

But most important things first, I took her to the vet today. The first, close by place I tried was out of vaccines, so the next, 1h drive one-way in currently crazy traffic had everything we needed. They also confirmed that we have a female cat here.

The vet estimates that she is a mere 6 weeks old, which is the right time for the first vaccine: anti-rabies. We also gave her de-worming meds.

There is a big sign at the treatment station ‘no phones, no pictures’, I guess they had too many selfie related ‘whoops, where did my pet go’ accidents, so the only pic I have is of the cat in my make shift trash-can / cage, which she totally did not like during the drive. On the way back at least she actually fell asleep in my hands (small bundle at 0.6kg)

Here some first video bits of her playing and enjoying the drive.

And another photo collage with pics of yesterday / today, I am trying to involve Julius into dealing with the cat as much as possible, which includes taking care of the litter or just hanging out with the cat in her area …

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“I don’t think they thought this through…”

On our wonderful walk last night, on our way back, we passed a church when we noticed a small kitten just sitting there.

Of course, Julius tried to approach, that cat was a bit shy, but also did not totally take off right away, was even a bit playful.

And somehow there was suddenly the discussion of taking this kitten home with us, which I gently objected to, but Julius and Ritsu were spear heading operation ‘catnapping’, leaving me to just take pictures …

Oh, and on our way I quickly ducked into the supermarket to get some cat food …

While I totally love cats, my concerns are that a) we are scheduled to leave on winter break in 2 weeks and b) last allergy test I did said I was allergic to cats …

Let’s see how that all will continue, obviously there will be quite some cat posts coming up here now …

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Sunday family fun

Today we had planned to go watch a movie, but we are still confused as to what is open and what is closed on Poya Days. Most shops and restaurants are open, but we learned the hard way (closed doors) that movie theaters are closed.

So, instead we ended up exploring Liberty Plaza Mall, which was new to Ritsu (and boring to Julius).

For lunch we tried a new place ‘Cajun on wheels’, a Singaporean franchise that specializes on fried / steamed seafood .. and burgers 😀

Service was a bit over-the-top nice, food was pretty good, while a tad on the greasy side. I had especially selected the purple slaw as a ‘healthy’ side dish, but this comes totally drowning in mayonnaise. The fried fish was excellent though and Julius enjoyed his burger.

In the evening then I convinced family to join me on a walk to see the sunset from Ozo’s 14th floor bar, like we had done before.

And just like before, the other tourists trying to wiggle in front of you for endless sunset selfies are just all kinds of annoying .. I had to shush a guy who was playing ‘loud’ music on his phone right next to us.

Also, we did not get a menu after 10 minutes, so we decided to just leave and continue the walk and see the rest of the sunset there …

followed by an impromptu early xmas chicken dinner at KFC, which was kinda fun 😀

Then, on our way back … a very different ‘big’ story unfolded, which I will keep for tomorrow …

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Another fantastic Sunday run, still getting faster!

With the weather as it has been the last week, it looked very unlikely that this week’s long run would happen. The planning people selected a route that would keep us always close to our starting point, in case we had to rush back to our cars.

But lo-and-behold, when I woke up at 4:30AM, not only did I see a gorgeous moon-set (Today is Poya Day, which also means we have a full moon), but I saw that the rain had stopped.

So, off to Independence Square, warm up and run!

And as the last few times, I told myself I keep it easy today, I’d stay with the group … and then I latched on again to one fast runner and we just whisked around town, eventually after mile 4 she was too fast for me (though later I saw that mile 4&5 were actually my fastest splits! )

Sure enough, when my wet fingers finally stopped my tracking devices, I saw that I had beaten my 5K record by 3 seconds 😀 And 10 seconds of my 10K personal record, from all the way back in May.

Great sunrise stretching session and smiles all around for the mandatory group selfie!

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Meanwhile …

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More Ikura

Julius’ school was closed to observe the Prophet Mohamed’s birthday and as we had planned before, we returned to Tsukiji Ouichi, to let him also enjoy their new ikura special.

Last time they got our order wrong, instead of salmon-ikura don they had brought just ikura don. This time we pointed this out very clearly, had the waiter read back the order, told him about last time’s mishap … and would you believe it? They made the same mistake AGAIN!!! Incredible. And this time we were pressed for time and it took them another 12 minutes (that’s 20% of the lunch hour) to correct their mistake …

Ah well, it was tasty, but with the little time left we felt we had to shovel it in. Julius could not finish, so we brought half his portion home …

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Terrible Weather

The last few days the weather was uncommonly severe, strong winds, pouring rain and leaky roof …


This morning I found that this tree branch in front of our house had come down, barely missing our power line!

And while we never lost electric power (unlike some of our neighbors), we lost hot water. Our hot water comes from a solar powered thingamajig on the roof, and without sunlight = cold showers.

After talking to our landlady, who claims she has never seen weather like this before, we tried to turn on the ‘back up’, which apparently has never been used, nor serviced, and henceforth, when needed, did not work anymore. And the electrician cannot come and fix it until it stopped raining …

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Meanwhile … World Peace!

Ritsu was home less than 24h from her last trip and is already off to visit Anuradhapura in the north.



She found and shared this wonderful display of 4 major world religions peacefully united on one altar …

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Out in the Boondocks #streetphotography

I went on a long-ish but also very picturesque trip with our driver Priyantha today, to his home village, about 1h from us.

During our move an antique table lost a leg and I had a hard time finding the right place to have this fixed, when Priyantha mentioned a woods craftsman he knows, so off we went and I took some great pictures.


Like this, which is actually a crop from THIS photo, which I took just to document where we left our table. Only later did I notice that the woodsman’s grand daughter totally struck a pose 😀



After dropping off the table I got to see our driver’s home and met his nearly 3 year old son Seneru (who was pretty baffled as to who I was)

And this pic I snapped at a busy intersection, loved the wording of the sign (what obstacle?) … and how the kid on the motorbike is only protected by a purple knit hat (reminded me of Vietnam)

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Visiting Lenny at the Hospital

Without going into too much detail, Julius’ friend Lenny had a pool mishap over the weekend that got him hospitalized.

Once Julius was back from school and I checked back with Lenny’s parents if visits are ok, we hopped in the car and I had fun with the afternoon rush hour traffic (and very narrow basement parking) to get to Asiri Hospital and check on J’s friend.

He seems to be making a speedy recovery and while I was chatting with L’s parents it was fun to observe just how great J&L get along.

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Keeping busy on Sunday

Mommy is off on a mission to the Maldives, and as tempting as it is to just stay in all day and veg, I dragged Julius out for a long walk to the ocean and then along Galle Rd, where he had fun at a fish store.

We then headed to Majestic City, a mall he finds pretty boring, even though there is much to see and he had some fun again at the arts supply store. We also had a quick bite there and then walked all the way back, overall 5km and nearly 3h of activity.

For dinner we returned to Dolce Italia, with salmon pasta for the young man and I just had a nice, fresh salad.

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