Morning Walk: Cherries, Cows & Cats

The time difference / jet lag woke us up early and Julius was willing to join me on an early sunrise walk.

Beautiful fresh sky outside, dandelions to blow, sun just rising …

And cherry trees! With the first deep red fruit hanging just out of reach.

Later on then the same cows I met on yesterday’s run, still somewhat sleepy, but Julius felt empowered to just hopp the fence and get closer … until they got up and looked at him.

When we came to the crooked streets of the village to find the backer and get rolls, we met a bunch of cats (first one was actually already at the cherry trees). Did not realize on previous visits how many cats there are.

Another milestone of today was the return to Ützel-Brützel, our favorite Döner shop in the area.

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On our next leg we got a bit lucky again and scored a row of 3 seats just for us (While this flight was actually pretty packed).

We left on time and shortly after take off they handed out hot sandwiches as a snack. Julius was fully asleep by then.

Did I mention that I was not overly impressed by the Qatar planes so far? Tiny 4:3 screens, no USB charging ports on first flight and the ones on the second flight seem to deliver no juice at all. But FAs were overall friendly and eventually the 5.5h came to an end, we got a nice hot breakfast and then descended upon Frankfurt.

Only then did I find out that the only wifi actually gives you one free hour, which I then started using, 20 minutes before they turned it off. Nice way to let Ritsu know that we are ok.

Immigration was no problem, one of our suitcases showed up among the first, but the other one took its sweet time. And I realized then that I had never formalized with my dad if he would come and pick us up.

But as soon as we got through customs, Julius spotted dear Grandpa right away and the whole reunion hugging happened so fast that I could barely get pictures.

After some initial supermarket shopping we had a very nice German style breakfast together and then J & I headed to IKEA for some initial odds & ends and had Swedish Meatballs for lunch there.

Then I finally got to run, trying to shake of that jet lag feeling and saying hello to the cows. Julius played his violin and my dad gave me a dearly needed neck (Nacken) massage.

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Here we go again …

Starting around sunset time we ventured to the airport. Traffic was mellow as were the crowds. Compared to previous times when we actually had to do all the security song and dance, it felt empty. We had arrived at the check-in counter 10 minutes before they opened.

Julius has the uncanny ability to plop down wherever we wait. And if it is seating, he quickly figures out through which hoops this airport’s free wi-fi makes us jump until he can watch a cooking show (???) on YouTube. Strange kid, gotta love him :)


We boarded on time, flight staff was friendly, which is usually a sign that the flight is not full. We were able to select a row of 4 for ourselves after some initial seating kerfuffle with a gentlemen who kept video chatting on top of his lungs.

The second seating pic is much nicer (and only later did I notice that the couple behind us joined in on the fun)

Flight left on time and arrived on time (around midnight), we got some chicken dish for dinner, managed to doze off a bit (Julius much better than I) and soon we landed in Doha, Qatar, a typical Shopping-Mall-with-Airport-functionality akin to Dubai, Abu-Dabi and the likes.

For some strange reason they currently have some dinosaur exhibit.

We took a small shuttle train to our next gate and the we started waiting for our next flight

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Our summer trip is coming up and Cat was super curious what all that commotion is about …

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CCR Port City Run

We had the fantastic and rare occasion to run inside the restricted port area, along the breakwater wall. Where a few months ago I lost several gallons of sweat while doing my Ironman run.

This was a rehearsal for an upcoming running event end of July and we had a fun group of test runners.

Unlike February, the temperature was mild and we had a nice cloud cover, some wind and even some rain along the way, which all made for some really cool photos:

Click above to see all photos on SmugMug

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Meanwhile … all over Twitter again

As it turns out, Twitter has become my main source of info as to ‘what is my wife up to’ 😀

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School’s over and we have all day to fill with fun activities, like cutting J’s hair:

Is it just me or are there first traces of upper lip plumage (teenage mustache)???

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Cat is very cat cat, doing very cat things!

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Wednesday Morning Run Fun

First meeting with the CCRazies again at VMD Park at 5AM, this time for a tag-team speed session.

9 x 400m sprints and I surprised myself with a sub-4 min/km average. I was actually expecting a 3rd set, which never came.

After getting back home and making sure Julius is ready for school, I returned to Independence Square for a more casual 5K in the rain.

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Meanwhile … Ritsu’s Twitter

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A Boy & his Cat

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Family Beach Walk

With nothing on our schedule (and my morning run out of the way), I managed to drag the family out to the beach for a nice long walk. It is easy to forget during the week’s hustle & bustle that we live on an island and that even in Colombo, we are not too far away from the next beach. (There are beaches as close as 5 minutes by car, but those are really not nice).

The Dehiwala beach is … well, see for yourself:

Small beach temple.

Not too cloudy today. I did not want to wait for a sunset walk, as it tends to rain these days in the afternoon. Also: beach was super empty.

On occasion wild dogs would follow us.

From time to time a dead fish.

During monsoon season, the sea gets quite rough and swimming / bathing is very much discouraged.

And then there is the trash problem …

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Sunday Morning Run

Clounds and Drizzle.

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Different face of Sunset

Those 4 pictures were taken the same evening, within 30 minutes of each other:

Bonus: harsh reality

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I know I am cute

Cat is getting better at manipulating her humans.

Be it when she is lounging on our kitchen table, trying to look all innocent (she knows she is not allowed there, and I swiped her off right after taking pictures).

And it is a very rare occasion that I let her stay in bed with Julius until he fell asleep.

But they were just so cute together.

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