Meanwhile… still in Nairobi

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Speed Session

This morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed early again for our weekly speed session.

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Sunset Walk

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Poya Day Mural Run

Always fun to run into fellow CCR runners.

Also, Poya Day – much less traffic!

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Meanwhile… in Nairobi

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Ramen Lunch @ new mall

A new mall opened a few days ago right next to Shangri-La (up on Galle Face) and we managed to beat the incredible long line at the entrance for parking (thanks to security screening every single car) by simply parking at the hotel and walk over.

This mall is pretty much ‘just’ a bigger version of the not too long ago opened CCC, all the same shops. But there are plenty of new eateries, one of them Makotoya Ramen which we just had to check out.

Overall pretty good, different broths and different options. They give you a handy order sheet to make your selections.

Service still needs fine tuning, but the Will seems to be there, let’s lee how long it will stay.


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Night Beach

We were invited to a farewell party at the beach of Mt. Lavinia hotel and we arrived just after missing the sunset, but still getting a really nice after glow.

The below pictures are all unedited!
This was a nice test for the night-mode of the new iPhone. I am quite impressed.

There were some warm, yellow light sources directed towards the water.

Family picture

Here Julius is trying to get close to a stray cat

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Galle Face Walk

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Assorted Runs of the Week

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Date lunch

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Random Cat Pic

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CCR Half Marathon Event

From yesterday’s group half marathon run. First time since summer that I managed to get under 2h.

While running I also managed to capture quite some fun video footage, including some random revelers and our support people.

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Dim Sum Lunch

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PE – Dance

Every quarter they change topic in PE (Physical Education), a while ago it was rugby, there was cricket … and now they are at ‘dance’

Here is Julius & his team’s final performance.

According to Julius (green shirt), they were supposed to be more sync as a team, but the guy in the middle preferred hogging the lime light and do free styling instead. Looks cool, but unfair to team mates.

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Sunshine! Blue Skies!!!

Also getting a bit hot again now.

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