The importance of the small word ‘or’ … Power Cuts!

So, apparently we will have planned / scheduled power cuts tomorrow, it is just very unclear WHEN and for HOW LONG …

This was the first announcement:


I was able to dig up 2 further articles, none of which sheds any more light … like this one …


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Ready to Party

He is all ready and properly dressed up for his 007 / James Bond themed school dance / dinner / awards show.

In the end it was a rental place that saved us regarding the suit. And then today we chased down the rest, including those shoes that look really big but are actually his size …

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Meanwhile … at a Press Conference



Full Article

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Exploring New Routes

Tried some new, unmarked territory along Dehiwala canal. Not very busy, but still lots of tuktuks and kids getting ready for school. And the way they looked at me, it felt like I was the first white guy ever running along there 😉

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Getting dressed up for first school dance

Julius informed me rather last minute that he has a formal school dance coming up on Saturday and that he wants to dress up.

So, with only a few days to go we spent quite some time today (poya day – no school), running around, trying on things and make some interesting findings:

– Most of the time we find only jackets being sold separately, to be worn with somewhat matching pants.

– One shop had suits, or rather the jacket came with matching fabric for easy ‘make your own pants’

– We spent some time at a tailor’s who first assumed Julius was a girl and had him try on ladies’ jackets. On further discussion it seemed that he could still make a whole bespoke suit from scratch in the remaining time for less than 100$.

– But when we returned to go for that deal it turned out that his initial offer was for a somewhat fitting jacket that he hoped he could still alter enough to fit better, plus extra pants made from the cheapest possible plastic fabric. When I asked for better material and all from scratch, we were quickly at 200-250$. By that time I had lost confidence in this shop.

– We actually had Julius try one of mommy’s dresses and from the photo it looks like he is actually enjoying it. I am all for teenagers experimenting with their gender identity and challenge the norms. Interestingly it was his mother who was rather outspoken against this idea (while his friends, whom he showed the photos, were all very supportive.)

The first day out was a bust, but a big learning experience. We still have some leads to follow up with, but we also need to get shoes, belt, socks, shirt and tie.

Will keep you updated!

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ABRSM 2019: Level 5

It’s that time of year again that Julius went for his ABRSM leveling up violin exam and the only photo I got was this nice view of Colombo from the 19th floor of the Hilton Residences where the exam took place.

As usual, parents are not allowed to sit in and / or interfere with the procedure in any way, but the way the suite is set up, I could at least hear a bit of what’s going on, and Julius & I agree that his performance should at least warrant a passing grade. But we will have to wait like 4-5 weeks until we know.

Now on to the next level, but there is an interesting catch: To do violin level 6, he first has to do music theory level 5! We did not know that! So, we already know a teacher who can do music theory with him and she says that we can roll levels 1-3 into one exam, probably in November and then do 4&5 next March. Not sure if he can do Level 6 violin then at the same time, we might have to wait for the results first and then do L6 next year November.

We shall see, so far I am just very happy that he sticks to his guns … I mean his instrument.

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The little village I grew up in was famous for it’s strawberries. So I was happy when Julius pointed them out at the supermarket today (yes, we have fresh strawberries on this island!) and we set off to clean & cut them and then whisk up a batch of cream.

Delicious! And no added sugar!

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First beach Half Marathon event in Sri Lanka

This Sunday started very early with getting up and ready to drive about an hour down South to Waskaduwa. From there the beach goes on uninterrupted for over 10K, so in one loop one can run a half marathon.

Of course there are many dogs to deal with. Turns out the local runners are more afraid of them than I ever was. By now they leave me alone.

The first half of the run went well, 10.5km in 57 minutes, but the day had started hot and when I reached 15K I was toast. I started walking / running and still managed to get the 21K in under 2.5h

Later looking at the stats shows the direct correlation between temperature and pace (also, even though I reduced my work load, my heart rate stayed up!)

Some more pictures:

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Captain Marvel

Since last weekend the movie theater was overly crowded and good seats had sold out very quickly, we simply avoided reading the internet for a week and went today.

Great, fun movie. You probably never look at your cat the same way after this 😉

One of the better Marvel movies IMHO, personally I liked it more than last year’s over hyped Black Panther.

We had one somewhat distract censoring of the word ‘Ass’ in our version though …

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Ongoing fun with plant based food

I am still having a lot of fun turning my diet over to ‘as much plant food as possible’, without becoming an aggressive vegan or any other fancy label wearing hipster.

I simply enjoy finding great food that manages to omit any use of animal.

Mainly for health reasons… and it’s also better for the planet.

Today I took my sweet wife out to Café Nuga and she had the vegan burrito bowl (left) while I had the veggie meal in a bowl (right) … both delicious, filling and very healthy.

Feel free to follow my Instagram where I journal my plant based food adventures.

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Hospital with Bed Bugs!

This brings back memories of our movie outings in Ethiopia, where we sprayed our seats hoping to not get bitten and / or bring back new friends to our home …

But this is a hospital! And it’s the one closest to us and I actually brought Julius there a few times already.


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From today’s walk.

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Field Trip

Some ‘spy’ shots from J’s recent field trip.

They went out (in French class) to the nearby Decathlon store (a French company) where they got to interview the one French employee they have there.

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2 Months of Hot Hell upon us!

We already had a heat advisory a few days back and I can feel it every morning when running … it’s getting hotter …


Full Article

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Chasing Speed Walkers

One thing I can count on pretty much every time I am running in Vihara Mahadevi Park is the group of SL Army Speed Walkers (previously) doing their practice rounds.

I wonder if today they held some kind of friendly over-regional competition, as I noticed different faces and t-shirts from different provinces.

Anyways, as I was starting out, one pack of those speedsters had passed me while I was still working up and once I got going they were maybe 800m ahead of me, still visible, and sure enough, ever so slowly I was gaining on them. But it still took me 2 rounds (bit more than 3K) to catch up and eventually pass them 😉

This actually helped me to get the first 7K in under 5min/k, and then I tagged on 2K for cool down and ended with a 5:11min/k average.

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