Wednesday Mix

Breakfastsmoothie followed by 15K morning run with cows.

For lunch I am making vegan chicken pieces with veggies … Julius is cuddling with a new cat that’s around here and looks like a version of Pepper on steroids. Quite friendly!

For dinner I am making this huge Döner-ish concoction based on the last BeyondMeat patty I have. The idea started with finding this wonderful flat bread at Lidl (also discovering that they are out of BeyondMeat at the moment)

Starting with a layer of Krautsalat (cabbage) with extra cilantro, then the mix of ‘meat & onions, tomatoes and vegan sriracha mayo! And more cilantro … absolutely delicious!

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Meanwhile … dinner with the Mayor

Look who is having dinner with Colombo’s mayor while we are gone …

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Weird Clouds

We encountered this really weird looking cloud bank today.

To kick off the week I just did a gentle 9K …

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Sunday Long Run

Today I set out to combine both my new found river Nidda tracks for a combined 26km


With this run I did not only finish another 100K+ week, but I also crossed the 2000K mark for this year!

Really nice run with mixed weather, overall cool temperatures, many other runners and cyclists.

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Sunset Walk

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Meanwhile … back in SL

This #WorldPopulationDay, we are marking 50 years since UNFPA started operations globally and 25 years since the landmark conference on population and development (#ICPD25) which recognized that reproductive health and women’s empowerment are intertwined, and both are necessary for development.

In commemorating these milestones, UNFPA #SriLanka released a publication titled ‘Perspectives’, which reflects on five decades of advancements in sexual and reproductive health in Sri Lanka. The publication features stories from #women and #girls who have benefited from this advancements, as well as from champions in Sri Lanka who have driven positive change. We are pleased to have handed over the first copy of the publication ‘Perspectives’ to Prof. Maithree Wickremesinghe, at the UNFPA@50 event last night.


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One way run / Chili sin Carne

Something new today: We had to bring the car to the shop where they kept it. And while my dad took the bus back home, I had planned ahead and had running gear under my clothes and a bag.

Though rainy, drizzly and not really sure about the first few kilometers (new territory), I made my way not only home, I added some loop-di-loop to get the estimated 5.8km to an even 10K

And for dinner I made us a scrumptious Chili sin Carne. No one complained about the vegan Schinkenwurst I used :)

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That’s a first for us: Movie theater in Germany!

The last time I went to the movies in Germany was when Avatar came out! That was 10 years ago!

Frankfurt is a pretty international city and one of the movie theaters (Cinestar Metropole) shows movies in the original version! So, not only is it in English, but it is also not visually ruined by plastering subtitles over it (like in Japan or Vietnam)

The latest Marvel entry “Spiderman: Far from home” was a wonderful action romp / comedy and we were very happy to have enjoyed it on big screen / 3D / perfect audio. Our co-audience was also a joy, laughing with us, not glued to their phones, overall well behaved.

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Totally unplanned HM Nidda / Bad Vilbel

This morning I ventured out with the idea to try the other side of the Nidda bike path.

From a cursory look at the map I had guesstimated that the whole round would take me 14-16km … and I was wrong.

I reached 16K when I left the river and tried to find my way back, fully aware that I am still around 6km away. Got ‘lost’ a bit in some residential neighborhood. I knew my direction, but not where I could safely cross a big Bundesstraße. Eventually I asked a helpful teenager, found an overpass and still made it under 2h  … and no water at all!

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Monday Mix

Starting the week with a mellow 8K through the fields and under a partially cloudy sky.





While Julius was gone, us ‘old’ guys had gotten into the habit of late breakfast and then directly on to early dinner, skipping lunch.

But the young man, back at home now, wants lunch.
And he had a pretty interesting idea culled from YouTube. Basically a spruced up instant ramen which I ended up dubbing ‘the poor man’s Carbonara’ … replacing the supplied spice packs with regular broth, parmesan cheese & bacon.

For dinner I kinda made 3 different dishes (all based on the same main ingredient) … I fried real beef patties which Opa got as is with salad (since he does not like to eat with his hands) and for Julius I turned it into a burger, and for me I prepared another BeyondMeat burger, this time with heaps of onions.

After dinner everyone relaxed in front of their respective screens 😀

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Deutsches Filmmuseum / Frittenwerk / 101K

Sundays is always a bit tricky since all shops are closed, but in the past we usually headed out to explore flea markets, and while I found one not to far away, the rainy, cold & drizzly weather was not to inviting.

Instead we drove into Frankfurt city and started to walk around since we were quite early.

Out actual destination was the German Film Museum, which would not open until 10AM

Interesting place, starting from the beginnings of visual entertainment (kaleidoscopes!) all the way to certain film techniques.


Fun were also the real props, like this Alien stuntman suit!

They also had a bit of green screen fun set up!

Good place to spend 2 hours on a rainy morning. But then we walked on towards the main train station area, which, as I recall from German cities, can be quite the interesting hodge-podge of people coming and going and party crawlers from the night before trying to deal with their hangovers.

Our lunch destination was ‘Frittenwerk’. Genius concept of a place, turning simple ‘fries’ into fancy dishes with topping akin to pasta or pizza places. They had come to my attention with their all vegan ‘Bolofries’, fried potatoes drenched in a vegan bolognese sauce with vegan cheese on top. Julius had the pulled pork BBQ poutine.

In the evening the weather had cleared up some, at least it was dry.

And I went out for my daily run.


With those 12.8km I got my total for the week to 101K, haven’t had a 100+ week since January (when I had the lofty idea that 100 would be my new weekly goal)

But with the last 3 weeks all being a bit over the top, I need to dial it down a bit for the next week. Injury prevention!

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Level Up!

Two weeks are up and Julius was eagerly awaiting my arrival to come and pick him up.

And I was very happy to not only to see him happy & healthy, but also his new certificate showing that he now boasts Level A2 in German!

He actually learned &  improved.

In the evening I went out for another planned half marathon along the river Nidda, this time fully aware of the route. And even though I thought I was going mellow, I ended up with the very same 5:19/km pace and surprisingly my heart rate was way up (which I had not really noticed) and thus all my stats regarding relative effort went through the roof.

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Run – Fish – Sheep

I started the ‘Rest Day’ with a ‘mellow’ 11K run in slightly overcast, but still very beautiful weather.



For early dinner I prepared us a ‘Friday-catholic’ fish dish: Shrimp skewers for my dad and I tried Aldi’s lookalike veggie sticks, which were not bad, but also not really something to drool over.

And then out again for a wonderful sunset walk.

This time I encountered a mob of sheep, peacefully grazing, but they were kinda curious about me (hoping I bring more interesting food?) and I managed to pet some of them.
I also managed to get whacked by the low level current of the electrified fence at least 3 times 😀

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Two speedy runs! BeyondMeat Burger!

Today I went out twice for running:
A very pleasant morning run and an equally nice sunset dash.

Both of them kinda speedy and very surprisingly: the exact same pace!

And after my last run I made my first BeyondMeat burger from frozen patties (bought at Lidl)

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Meanwhile: Finally a picture from summer camp

Not sure what the occasion of this group shot is, but at least something :)

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