Long Run in the Rain

This morning I set off directly from home for a long-ish run, plan was 12-15km.

I was aware of the dark clouds looming and locals walking with their umbrellas at the ready. And only 2 minutes into the run it started raining!

But lucky me, it did not turn into the torrential downpour we usually get here, it was actually quite pleasant / refreshing and gave me a boost to run 17K overall.

For a moment I even thought about tagging on another 4K for yet another half marathon, but having done 2 of those already this month, I decided against it. Very soon I will have to try a really long run of 32km in prep for the upcoming marathon.

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What have I done? ;)

Yep, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for my first full marathon, coming up in 53 days!

Plane ticket and hotel are also booked and now I shall continue and gradually upgrade my training to include some longer runs.

What scares me a bit is the 4:30 AM start time (which is 2AM in SL) … but well, I guess that’s better than my Ironman experience when I got to start at 11AM. When the sun was high & the heat was on. This is going to be a hot race anyways, especially towards the end.

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Meanwhile … Let’s talk about sex! (…uality education)

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The Greatest Shows (Musical Theater in SL)

Tonight we had the pleasure of seeing the almost last performance of the Workshop Players’ production ‘The Greatest Shows’, a revue of many different musicals (and musical films), on average 2-3 songs per musical, with relatively lavish costumes and ever changing (very creatively projected) backgrounds and some minimal set pieces.

The spirit of this show was amazing, fresh, fun. Those are not paid actors (unlike the touring production of Sound of Music we saw a while back) and they all were doing their thing on stage for the sheer enjoyment of it. The quality ranged from school production (Oompa Loompahs) to  off-broadway.

They also used a forklift 3 times, twice for great effect, but when they used it to mimic the magic carpet ride of ‘A whole new World’ and the singing couple was nearly invisible in the  over eager fog machines output, hanging on for dear life, I could not control my laughter.

Musicals included in the line up (as far as I could identify them): School of Rock, Annie, Sister Act, Hair, Fiddler on the Roof, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Aladdin, We will rock you, Miss Saigon, Aida, Chicago …  Yep, that’s pretty much it, comparing with THIS review. I also culled some pictures I found online into this one big collage:

What still puzzles me, everywhere is mentioned that they include 26 musicals in their program … I am only counting 13. Maybe 26 songs? Should have bought the booklet maybe :)

Interesting to note was also that 80% of the performers were female and 99% non-white.

They were really tough on the whole ‘no photo / no video’ rule and I saw ushers chasing down one lady who’s phone screen was all kinds of obvious.

So, THIS is the only video I could find on Youtube, the curtain call from the first night, which might give you an idea of the sheer scope of the production. Like 200+ ppl.

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CCR Sunday run, this time with video

Can’t say I got much sleep last night .. 3h maybe?

But after all that traveling and sitting I was very eager to get running with my CCR pals again, so I got up at 4:20 to meet up at 5:30 for warm up and off we went.

Pre-run group photo:

It’s still dark when we start running at 5:45

Sunrise at Beira Lake

And the after-run group photo

This time around I took some video which I managed somehow to edit together fairly nicely.

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Protected: Mall outing on the way to the airport

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Half Marathon in KLCC Park

Before leaving for the airport, I wanted to get one more run in KLCC park in.
After two 16K runs, it was time to go longer! And thanks to coming across another speedy runner (The gentleman in the blue t-shirt)we kept pushing / dragging each other at 5min/km for about 8km) I ran my third fastest half marathon today!

As I found out on Strava later, this runner is also a German national and was also running a half marathon

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!!!

Und ganz viele liebe Grüße aus Kuala Lumpur!

Mit einem kleinen Ständchen von Deinem Enkelsohn

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Protected: Middle Eastern Dinner

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Watching Venom

Like on our last trip, we used one of our lazy afternoons to go watch a movie.

State of the art cinema with Dolby Atmos sound!

And AC on fridge setting, but we came prepared.


Very entertaining film. Better then I had expected (which was not much TBH)

Wow, as I thought and just confirmed, about 9 minutes in, when the couple gets into the bedroom, there is a 5 second scene of them together in bed. Not raunchy at all, pretty dressed, tender kiss … before next he opens the fridge to get a drink. This scene was cut from the print we watched in very muslim Malaysia. Guess because it is implying that an unmarried couple had sex!

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Another loopy Ten Miles

Glorious drizzle weather this morning and since I did not get to run yesterday, I felt like making up for it again and did 16.09km.

There was some kind of ‘gathering of the Pink Ladies’ going on. My best guess is that this was some kind of awareness tasing march.


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Protected: Malacca – more pictures

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Day Trip to Malacca


For now just a teaser collage.

More later! It was a veeery looooong day!!!

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Malacca – is it worth it?

Short answer: It depends!

As a day trip, I’d like to make something very clear that all other guide books lie about: They all claim that Malacca is a 1.5 – 2h bus ride away from Kuala Lumpur. This is SO not true!

What they are referring to is the ideal bus time from TBS, the bus terminal south of KL to the bus terminal north of Malacca.

To get to TBS from the center is nearly another hour (taking 2 different trains), getting from Malacca’s bus terminal to, let’s say, Jonker Street takes another 30 minutes (Initially we wanted to take the local bus, but then decided on Grab taxi)

For us today, door-to-door, it took 4h to get to the center of Mallaca and 5h on the way back, thanks to traffic!

Glad we got back at all! Once we arrived at the bus terminal, we followed guide books’ recommendations to get our return tickets right away, only to be told from the first 5 bus operators that all busses after 2PM are already SOLD OUT!

In panic we started looking for hotel rooms, but we then found a ticket counter called ‘Catch that Bus’, which I think might be a broker for smaller bus companies (?), and they still had tickets on the 6PM bus, which was a bit later than we wanted, but what could we do.

In the end we arrived back home after 10PM, after everything but 7/11 had closed and our dinner thus was a mix of cup noodles, onigiri and chocolate.

Now, coming back to the initial question: Is all the above in any way proportional for what you are ‘getting’ from a trip to Malacca? Let’s see, we got a really nice bowl of laksa for lunch, and there was a very informative museum built into an old tall mast ship replica which I hear was cool (I skipped out on that).

There are a bunch of old relicts / ruins from the port heydays. And some of the walks along the river / the streets reminded us a bit of Hoi An.

Thanks to land reclamation, Malacca is not even that close to the sea anymore, besides the canal it does not feel much like a port city.

And then there are the touristy things, shops with the usual souvenir trash, but probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen are the bicycle rickshaws, decorated with whatever fairgrounds’ shooting booth rejects they could find, playing the most annoying techo / EDM (not even sure what you would call that music) trash AT FULL BLAST! Please click here for a great example I found on Youtube.


For sure, this is something rather ‘unique’ … but not in a good way.

Having said all that (and probably missing a few points), I cannot recommend Malacca as a day trip from KL.

What I could imagine instead is either as a stop over on the way to Singapore (another 3h down the same highway), or (maybe) stay a few nights in season / on weekends, when, as far as I heard, the place is hopping and there seems to be some kind of nightlife going on.

I DO recommend very much that IF you go there to get the laksa at Jonker 88, and some cendol afterwards.

And for afternoon coffee go to Calanthe Art Café (also known as ’13 states coffees’), that was very nice.

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More Mall Fun

With the weather as it is, there’s always one of the many malls we can reach without getting wet, thanks to an extensive network of covered walkways and underpasses.

This time the Suria KLCC mall:

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