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Easy 10

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Basket Case

Some really likes hanging out in the laundry hamper … must be the odor 😉

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Meanwhile … in the Maldives

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Solo Speed Session

With Ritsu traveling again and me single-parenting, I was not able to join today’s speed session in the park. So, once Julius was out of the house, I did my own: warm up jog to Marine Drive and then alternating … Continue reading

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Back to Loops in the Park

This morning I joined Julius on his ride to school for a bit, got out at Independence Arcade and ran from there to VMD, 3 loops and then all the way back home. Important to mix things up a bit … Continue reading

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Other Monday Fun Things

Cinnamon got some skin rash again and we brought her to the vet, where they checked her out and took sampl Seems she has something akin to psoriasis, a fungal something that lays dormant and can come back whenever it … Continue reading

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Another 15.5K

Starting off the week with another sweet long-ish run I will never understand why my Garmin tells me that my training status is ‘unproductive’ …

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CCR Sunday

Back home and getting up early again for a fun group run. Always mesmerized by that magic pre-sunrise atmosphere After stretching we took off and headed towards Marine Drive, my usual stomping ground. The plan was 15K, but upon return … Continue reading

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And back on the Curry Express

Time flies and our short vacation is already over again. Boarding a plane back to Sri Lanka comes with the expected cattle chaos: shoving, pushing, fighting for space for (way too much) carry-on luggage, not understanding the concept of assigned … Continue reading

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One last bowl of Yung Tau Fu Laksa

Ever since we discovered the mix of pick your own YTF + a really great laksa soup, we have been falling in love with Tien Fook @ Albert Centre. Trick is: come early, best before noon.

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One more beautiful morning run

Another 10K around Marina Bay.

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Spectra – A Light & Water Show

Every evening a free spectacle at the Marina Bayfront at 8PM sharp! It is very much recommended to show up early to get good seats. Starting off with some rumbling sound and green lasers This family had the audacity to … Continue reading

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Jungle Hike

What a fun way to spend 3h / 10km. Up in the trees. With the monkeys.

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Impossible Burger @ Fat Boy’s

Finally got to try the ‘other’ big brand name plant based burger. Somehow ‘impossible’ is all over the place, while ‘beyond’ is nowhere to be seen. In terms of flavor it’s rather tricky, like with the BeyondMeat patty I am … Continue reading

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Fullerton Hotel Monuments Tour

Some more culture today! A free, guided tour of the Fullerton hotel which actually was the main post office from 1928 until the late 90ies. Very interesting tidbits, but half of it was again focusing on Singapore’s recent history from … Continue reading

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