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Violin & SCUBA

Full program today. After an unexpected morning run, over breakfast and getting ready for violin, Julius asked “Don’t I have SCUBA today?”. And yes, apparently over all that party planning I had forgotten about his SCUBA schedule and we quickly … Continue reading

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Finally we got to host a party in our house! This was something high on Ritsu’s wish list and on the occasion of one of her staff leaving, we invited her whole office crew. Fun event, mixed results with the … Continue reading

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Double Run Fun

As if I am not running enough 😉 I started the day with a speedy 6K to greet the rising sun. Did not go long today since I had signed up for a night run. There is an extra night … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision

Two of my favorite subjects in a different perspective: Found the cat napping today deep inside a long card board box: On my sunset walk I noticed a pile of concrete tubes inspiring me to create a similar shot with … Continue reading

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Tuesday Mix

How about a nice sunset? Haven’t posted any pics in a while: And some random cat pics: Of course, not forget: Today’s Outdoor Run

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Can adult women buy alcohol in Sri Lanka? (updated)

You probably wonder, “what a silly question”, as I did. I never even heard about the right of buying liquor being gender specific. Either it is simply forbidden for everyone, or there are country specific age limits. But indeed, there … Continue reading

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Sunrise 13.2K with CCR

Finally a group run again! I kinda missed waking up at 4:30AM on Sundays to meet other crazy runners at 5:30, warm up, stretch and chit chat and then start running before the sun rises! As coincidence would have it, … Continue reading

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Oshogatsu at Japanese Embassy

As if we did not have enough o-sechi to eat back in Japan, today we got more! After the much bigger year end party in December, now we were invited to a smaller gathering at the Japanese Embassy. Couple of … Continue reading

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Why so serious?

Vacation is over and we are back to 8AM violin classes on Saturdays. Yesterday was the deadline for sign up for his next ABRSM exam and his teacher kindly took care of that. I am not sure, but if I … Continue reading

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Sightseeing Run

Today’s morning run lead me past some of the sights of Colombo, and somehow the run selfies worked out quite well.

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Jumping cat & heavy rains

Not much going on, things are slowly going back to routine. So, let me share 2 small video clips: Our cat is becoming quite acrobatic and very much loving the toys we brought from Japan. And the next is a … Continue reading

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Hang in there, kitten!

One of her favorite hang out places for naps is this laundry basket, even if it is just hanging there askew between washer and dryer. Today’s Outdoor Run: Thanks to my runs with CCR (and seeing other runners’ maps on … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … saving the world, 900K Canadian $ at a time …

Today’s Outdoor Run: After checking into the gym and drop my stuff in the locker, I just headed out the door. Unfortunately the traffic at 7AM is already quite challenging, but I wanted to do a speedy 5K.

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Good News: Cat still alive, wants to do laundry!

One thing we were trying not to wonder too much about during our holidays was “How is the cat doing?”. Of course we had arranged that someone would feed her regularly and clean up after her, but there must also … Continue reading

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Return to Sri Lanka

To catch our Airport Express Bus from Ginza to Narita on time, we had to leave the house by 6AM. The only way for me to squeeze in a morning run was to set my alarm to 3:50AM, do my … Continue reading

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