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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ever since we left the US in 2002, we grew apart from the whole Thanksgiving thing more and more. But it is fun to turn back the clock and see how / what we tried in all those years: Fiji … Continue reading

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Day 37 – More home-cooking in Casa Goodale

Today’s trail was the Sentiero della Castagna Granda and this time Malcolm joined us, bringing his fancy e-bike for part of the way, and we all got to try it out. Not a total ‘lazy’ bike, the engine only kicks … Continue reading

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Magorabin got a Michelin Star!

One of our favorite places in Turin was / is Magorabin. We had fantastic food there 9th wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day 2011, Birthday 2010 and more … click, click, click. And, well deserved, they NOW received a Michelin Star. Not … Continue reading

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Someone will really miss authentic pasta

Last night we went to have one last Italian lunch at a place Ritsu strongly recommended. Scanabue. Nice, small, more caffee-ish, but very good food … We did not do the usual Italian super feast, instead we kept with small … Continue reading

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Very late weekend update…

Sorry, it keeps being very busy here. Lots of stuff to do, besides packing and dealing with a ton of paperwork (i.e. filling in a detailed insurance inventory, which lists things like transistor radio, film projector, record player, tape recorder … Continue reading

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In case you read or heard something about an earthquake in Norther Italy, yes, there was one 4.8 shake just a few minutes ago. I did not feel a thing but Ritsu felt it in the office. In other words, … Continue reading

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BBQ in Como

Getting ready for our 2 week Germany trip. We found several options on how to take advantage of the much cheaper flights from Milan. The bus option we had tried before, and that was annoying. Next idea was using the … Continue reading

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Good night

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Melone con Prosciutto di Parma

One of the best summer lunches ever (too bad they did not have an offer on St. Danielle ham, which I like even better. But they gave me a special price on the Parma, because it was the end of … Continue reading

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Pool Sunday

We had another great weekend with great weather out in the rolling wine hills, exploring a new place, new food and a new pool … As usual, more pics and details later

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Happy 9th Anniversary Dinner @ Magorabin

Tonight I took Ritsu out to one of our favorite restaurants, Magorabin, to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Since I am still behind with blog posts from last weekend, I basically live-blogged all the food on and you can … Continue reading

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Sunday lunch (again) at Cascina Vrona

(Post still being worked on) While we did not have an overnight here at Cascina Vrona this time (fully booked, we came anyways to enjoy their Sunday lunch. After visiting Canale, we came a tad early so that Julius could … Continue reading

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Dinner with a view: MiraLanghe in Guarene

It has been a while since we have seen our old pal David (NH, where we met most of his family and Turin, just 3 weeks after that) and this time he brought his new bride Amy. Of course we … Continue reading

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Another dramatic sunset

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Some more pretty sunsets

(Sunsets now single-clickable)

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