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The whole London story

Finally I am done with all updates regarding the recent trip .. so either scroll down to catch up, or use those handy links below to jump straight to a post: 11/30 Arrival 12/01 London Eye Tate Museum of Modern … Continue reading

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Bye Bye London

After breakfast and checking out (but leaving the luggage) we walked down Marylebone Street and found a big Waitrose supermarket for some last minute shopping (and to fill the extra bag that I had packed). This place was really nice … Continue reading

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London Zoo (London Day 3 – Part 2)

One word sums up the London Zoo experience on a cold, wet December day: “sad”. Luckily we had a 20% off coupon (unluckily, Julius at age 3 already pays kid’s admission) … I ended up paying like 26£ for the … Continue reading

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Regent’s Park (London Day 3 – Part 1)

On our way to the zoo we went through Regent’s Park, feeding some more squirrels. About 2/3rds of the way Julius showed in a most dramatic manner that he had walked enough and just threw himself on the cold ground: … Continue reading

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Can’t help but dance (video)

One thing Julius loves about London is the many street musicians … and on occasion he just can’t help it .. but he has to move to the groove …

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London Day 2 – Part 3

After the meeting in the park it got dark quickly and we headed to the next subway station, which brought us past Trafalgar Square. My memories of this square is full of pigeons .. how fun it was to feed … Continue reading

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St. James Park (London Day 2 – Part 2)

Against many odds (the rain, Julius falling asleep over lunch, the traffic …) we managed to be at St. James Park station where we were meeting Frances and her enchanting daughters: Kula, Kesaia and Esme. Frances had been a reader … Continue reading

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London Transport Museum (London Day 2 – Part 1)

Julius got up earlier than we wanted and was ready for action. Although it was raining, we stuck to our plan, donned our rain gear and after breakfast we hopped on the tube to visit the recently refurbished London Transport … Continue reading

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Indian Take Out (London Day 1 – Part 4)

For dinner we were quite tired and decided to try one of the 2 close by Indian restaurant for take out (or ‘take away’ as they call it here). Food was fantastic and at 20£ not too bad, considering all … Continue reading

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Chasing pigeons (video)

Just some fun in front of the Tate Museum of Modern Art … joining a girl in the fun game of ‘chase the winged rat’

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Tower Bridge (London Day 1 – Part 3)

Right after the museum we headed to Wagamama to get some lunch. Japanese – Asian fusion, with great noodle soups and other yummy things. Julius had lots of fun with the unexpected occurance of street art .. like these funky … Continue reading

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Tate Modern (London Day 1 – Part 2)

Next big stop was a visit to the Tate Museum of Modern Art. Outside at the river entrance is a huge spider sculpture, which Julius was fascinated by and a bit afraid of. Inside you start at the turbine hall, … Continue reading

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London Eye (London Day 1 – Part 1)

Boy, are we lucky. When we arrived last night it was raining cats and dogs, as they say here … and this morning? Blue skies! Perfect weather for our pre-booked flight on the London Eye. No matter if they call … Continue reading


Greetings from London

After a 80 minute flight on a 100% full British Airways flight, we have just arrived in London. Julius had been very easy going all the way, up until the last 15 minutes in the car from Gatwick to our … Continue reading

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