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Spot the cat

Amazing which new places Misha discovers for her nap. This one does not look to comfortable and I think she gave up on it when she noticed how quickly I found her there … I bet she would also have … Continue reading

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Tummy Evolution

Since we knew, we have taken pictures of Ritsu’s ‘profile’ every week. And above as a little glimpse. Amazing … and still some more to go.

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Citywide Power Outage

We had a nice lazy sunday, I took Ritsu driving for an hour, and when we returned we discovered that the power was gone … I tried to call FEA, but none of their numbers would work. I called a … Continue reading

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A pasta sauce I never had before

For tonight’s dinner I made Spaghetti Puttanesca, something that Ritsu suggested a while ago. While I remember reading this on pretty much every pasta menu, I have never ever ordered that one. So when I scoured the internet for recipes, … Continue reading

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Farewell dinner for Hillary

Incredible that Robert and Hillary are already leaving Fiji again, seems like they just moved here some months ago .. but the job … Anyways, since Hillary is leaving already tommorow, the 2 got us all together at the Malt … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted for a while…

but I’ve been doing OK although my tummy feels like exploding! I cannot believe that it will get even bigger for the coming 2 months. Today, I received a nice percel from my mom… with some cute maternity clothing in … Continue reading

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Ritsu Driving

A bit ago Ritsu started taking driving lessons. She did her licence like 8 years ago in Japan and has not been driving since. She has a Japanese and an International licence, but had no chance to practice … and … Continue reading

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BBQ @ Bill’s Birthday

We just got back from a little BBQ to celebrate Bill’s Birthday up in Tamavua. We had Hot Dogs and Salad and potatoes and played with Ben, their 4 months old son. We got Bill and appron and pottholder set, … Continue reading

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First Baby Movie!!!

Yesterday we had another appointment with our Dr. and he confirmed (again) that everything is looking good. He did an ultrascan and this time I was holding my camera over his shoulder .. and while most of it looks very … Continue reading

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Sorry for the lack of updates …

… the last couple of days, but I felt pretty sick and spent most time in bed. Thanks to the great support of my loving and patient wife, and thanks to some powerful drugs I feel pretty fine again. Was … Continue reading

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More Julius

My dad sent me those pics today So .. who are these scary looking guys and that little girl in the middle … well . they are all Julius Nacken! Sigmund Freud there is my great grand grand grand father, … Continue reading

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AOL sucks .. but that’s not really news

I tried to listen to the new Harry Potter Soundtrack, since I am a sucker for John Williams .. and this “Something wicked this way comes” is just fantastic … but following this link returns a I thought AOL is … Continue reading

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Hungry Boy

Well .. this is not Julius .. but I can imagine him looking a bit like that and having that attitude

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The constant trouble that is Telecom

Since I am still pondering about the whole thing and the action I may take (there is only one phone provider in Fiji) i just post the email I am planning on sending to Telecom Fiji here .. and will … Continue reading

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Not even noon yet and we already had a pretty exciting day …

First of it was time for a second blood test for Ritsu, baby related … and since she was not allowed to eat before, she got very hungry and I called the hospital to check how early we could come. … Continue reading

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