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Gotta love that headache mask which Ritsu uses these days mainly to cool down her swollen hands. But it also makes her look hotter than Halle Berry in Catwoman Contractions seem to have stopped for today … back to yellow … Continue reading

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Nothing more exciting than waking up hearing the wife going through her first set of contractions … just a handful and pretty irregular … and right now nothing is going on .. but we are getting there.

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Steak Dinner at Aberdeen Grill

It has nearly been a year that we went there … after ‘Metal Cow’ closed, this is now the only steak house left in Suva. Last time our experience was not that great. Food was mediocre and there were insects … Continue reading

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It is too late to be scared!

This wonderful morsel of truth was uttered by Ritsu yesterday …. and I was so fascinated by it … I wanted to copyright it and put on T-Shirts. In fact we are anticipating the ‘event’ in a healthy state of … Continue reading

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Never say there is no decent entertainment in Fiji

This fresh in from the KulchaVulcha newsletter: “BIKINI AND LINGERIE SHOW When: Saturday 31 July from 7:00 pm Where: Suva Marine Showroom, 190 Foster Road, Walu Bay Help us fund the recent team to the Hobie Cat World Championships. Cocktail … Continue reading

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Look what’s new

No .. no baby yet But I got Ritsu a little something … I thought she could use some music in the days to come … Weather is fine … we are relaxed .. and we are awaiting the new … Continue reading

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This is just a test if Ritsu can post too

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Just in Case …

if anybody forgot how close we are .. here is a counter …

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Substance Abuse Problem

We took a little trip to Nausori today (pics and report later) and on the way back .. we just could not pass McDonald … ever since they put the spicy chicken burger on the menu … ah well .. … Continue reading

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The first ‘real’post here … today we took a little trip to Nausori. While we pass through every time we go to the local airport or visit Toberua Island … we never stopped to actually look around … Its only … Continue reading

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More on Fiji Porn

Gotta love a good headline that will drive traffic to this site up again:) … And Ritsu just said that I am obsessed with that topic .. but articles like this make me laugh again. So, seems some americans ‘shot’ … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with the police .. you never know what they use their chilli for !!!

This article just keeps me wondering … Quote “He claimed of being kicked around like a ball on the chest, ribs and his bottom torso with chilly mixed in water poured on his eyes, ears, and nose and was forced … Continue reading

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Social Sunday

We had a couple of nice social gatherings today …. first was lunch at Malthouse with Edo and Marly and they also invited Timothy, who Ritsu knew from french class. We had our usual Pizza .. but also some potato … Continue reading

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Baby clothing available in Fiji

We received a lot of nice gifts at the baby shower .. and it is very interesting what people found. Getting baby stuff in Fiji is not easy … usually its stuff from China or India and the selection is … Continue reading

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Fairly Smooth Sailing

2 weeks to go .. and we are enjoying the last stretch. It is great that Ritsu can stay home, as now everything is getting a bit harder … sometimes she has pain from Julius doing some stretching, and sometimes … Continue reading

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