Daily Archives: 6/1/2005

Daily Julius: Fever

When I picked Julius up after his morning nap I noticed that he was a bit more fuzzy and also felt a tad hotter. So I checked his temperature and yep, 38.8 C /102 F and that makes it a … Continue reading

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Telecommunication charges stay as high as they are … for now

Boy was I (and most of Fiji) exstatic when it was official that the steep charges for telecommunication would finally come down. (see here) But it seems that I got excited too early. A bit later a big discussion ensued … Continue reading

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Julius’ first golf tournament

This picture is from 2 weeks ago at Mocambo Resort in Nadi. Ritsu was on business trip #2 and had such terrible back pain that she could not get up and stayed in the hotel bed from Wednesday night until … Continue reading

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