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TJ: Lounging with mom

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Day Trip: Portofino / Santa Margherita Ligure

Today we did a full day bus trip to the Italian Riviera, namely the costal towns of Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. [click above for big panorama picture] We started out at 7 AM, taking a taxi to catch our … Continue reading

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TJ: Passport Pics

Yeah, not much today … just tried to get a decent shot to use as a semi-official passport pic.

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Italian perfection

Just a little fun thing I noticed on our saturday shopping walk in the city [in case you did not notice … there are 2 things to keep an eye out for]

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TJ: Kid on phone … (video)

… always a fun thing to record. This time he is discussing with him mom the fine differences between 2 of his favourite movies: Tigger and The Incredibles (which he pronounces as ‘cable’ or ‘kebo’ .. listen and you can … Continue reading

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TJ: Cute moment while enjoying apperetivo

The little man has been a bit tricky lately when we’d go out … like last time we went to our neighborhood restaurant (of which I still have to take pictures and write about, if they ever let us in … Continue reading

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TJ: B’day shirt from Isaac, Judy and John

Ah, the joys of snail mail .. stuff arrives either too late .. or early … (in case of Italian mail it is a wonder it arrived at all .. still waiting on a CDR from Chicago .. sent out … Continue reading

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TJ: Farewell party with Vincent

Last night we were invited to Vincent’s place for a small farewell get-together, as he is moving on with his carreer and will leave Torino soon. Julius loved to explore a place he had never seen before (and yes, we … Continue reading

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TJ: A game of peek-a-boo (video) …

.. well ..sort of … first of all, it is ‘inai inai .. BAAAAA” in Japanese (example on youtube)… also he hides behind my yukata and knocks down our IKEA lamp .. fun enough to watch … please enjoy (better … Continue reading

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Fijiradio live online !!!

Yes, I am still having a bit of an eye on that cute little island in the south pacific. Longtime reader and from the sidelines commentator V/A let me know that now you can get Suva radio station FM96 online … Continue reading

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visitor 100.000

In the next few hours we will say hello to visitor 100.000 on this blog … if you know who you are .. please send a screen print of your #100.000 count and tell us how you came here … … Continue reading

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TJ: Loooong, booooring food video

Well … it is very very hot here and energy and motivation are running a bit on reserve power … so .. well, I actually dug out my old camera which does much better resolution video (of which you will … Continue reading

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TJ: Silly Saturday (video)

Just a silly video about it being too hot, staying in, using mom as a trampolin, then kiss her, silly laughing, then squeeze daddy’s nose .. and have pizza in the end …

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TJ: International BBQ

There was a BBQ at Ritsu’s campus tonight and we went. Since it is usually a very international audience, we decided to wear some of our summer garbs that would fit the environment: Ritsu wore her Nepalese pants, Julius his … Continue reading

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Today’s Julius: Bula Shirt

Julius enjoys celebrating his Fijian herritage by running around in one of his 2 bula shirts. Maybe next time we should also get him a matching sulu!

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