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Book reading time with mama

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Julius’ artwork (part 4)

Every now and then we get a batch of his creations sent home to marvel at and post them here and then hang up in Ritsu’s office. Here are parts 1, 2 and 3

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Haven’t had pasta in a while …

All this traveling also meant being away from our usual food (and in Japan we vowed not to have pasta or pizza). But it appears that Julius was very happy to get his spaghetti con vongole again .. he even … Continue reading

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Tanz the German Polar Express (video) – Return to Turin

Remember this one? It was a nice coincident when in the wee morning hours that my still slightly jet lagged toddler decides to wake up, we found one of his favourite movies on German TV .. and as usual, he … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday mom (video)

Today was all about my mom’s birthday. The phones just did not stop ringing and celebrated all day. She has this phone that you can turn on the speaker, so when my brother Kai called, we handed the phone over … Continue reading

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Something strange is going on …

This is just plain weird .. or maybe that is my punishment for blog lazyness … but since this database server outtage last sunday … suddenly the last 2 posts are missing .. and some comments that have been posted … Continue reading

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Flying alone with a toddler

Today Julius and I set off to visit my mom in Munich to celebrate her birthday. The whole experience of traveling with a kid all by yourself is truly interesting … there are moments (like getting off the taxi) when … Continue reading

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Nutella face

Very cute how he keeps asking every morning first for ‘pane’ and the for chocolate / nutella … and of course .. he manages to spread it all over his face.

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Back to his toys

Seems that after all this traveling Julius is very happy to have his old, bulky toys back and it seems that he is outgrowing them slowly

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They are all angels …

.. when they are sleeping Now we have to adjust back to Italy time … and the kid is taking his sweet time .. first night he woke up at 2:30 AM … second night at 3:30 AM … so … Continue reading

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We are back in Italy

Just a quick note to let our dear readers know that we made it back without any trouble … we are a bit jetlagged (Julius woke up at 2:30 AM this morning, ready to take on the world and I … Continue reading

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Shrimp lover (video)

Today, while traveling, it seems we had an emphasize on shrimps … when leaving Japan .. I finally tried McDonald’s Ebi Burger for the first time (and while it is not bad at all .. I doubt I will order … Continue reading

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Too big for the airplane’s changing station

Pics like these show that he really needs to get out of diapers soon .. he is just getting too big for changing …

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Ginza International Hotel

Now that we are about to leave, I want to write a bit about our hotel because we are very very happy with it. The room we have is actually kinda spacious compared to the other 2 hotel rooms we … Continue reading

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Julius meets Patrick (first time) and Yuko (again)

On our last evening we managed to meet up with 2 old friends: Patrick, who I have know for years online and met before on several occasions and Yuko, who we visited in Egypt in 2005 and who visited us … Continue reading

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