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La vigna round #2

It had been a while since our last visit to this ‘out in the middle of nowhere – how the heck does anyone find this place’ restaurant “La Vigna”. We had initially planned a big group thing, but then most … Continue reading

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Denti time

AH, all those little things one has to teach a kid … among them: brushing teeth

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Waiting for the schoolbus, with mama

Since Ritsu has returned from her Nairobi trip she had the chance to join me in seeing off Julius to the schoolbus (pulmino) and was very busy whiping his nose.

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Still in love with this elephant

This great big elephant (Paon) that he got back in 12/1005 is still amongst his favourite plush animals … though he does not really have a special on .. and I wonder sometimes about that … what he needs to … Continue reading

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Finally he says ‘Please’ (video)

What an interesting journey … we had Julius say ‘Bitte’ (German for ‘please) about a year ago … but in trying to get him to make up sentences in only one language, we had tried to get him to say … Continue reading

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Rice face monster

For tonight’s dinner I mixed in some black rice with the usual white stuff … and who would have thought that it comes out purple??? Anyways .. Julius loved it.

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Burger bliss odyssey

What a warped Sunday this was … We had ventured out to go to the Panorama mall, which is about 20 minutes north from us, for some shopping and since we have not been to McDs in a while, to … Continue reading

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Cool new outfit from Kenya

Mama returned from her business trip to Kenya today. We went to the airport to pick her up .. and sure enough, just like last time, Julius had to get into tantrum mode about the fact that papa would not … Continue reading

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Ready for action

When I told him that we were about to go out … he was all for it …

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Cheeky bathtub boy

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Playground buddies

Right after kindergarten I went to the playground with Julius again. Once we get close he realizes where we are going and he gets very excited and runs the rest of the way (hard to keep up at times). When … Continue reading

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Really not much to say about these pics … maybe only that he is not very comfortable with turtlenecks .. but will get used to it .. and it has really become hard to take a good picture of him … Continue reading

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Oh look, it is Father’s Day …

… at least here in Italy it is. More exactly, it is St. Joseph’s day, and since Joseph was the father of Christ (at least that’s what Maria kept telling him), the Italians are celebrating Father’s Day today. So Julius … Continue reading

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Confetti / bubbles / sand – playground fun

Today’s fun activities at the playground were picking up leftover confetti from the ground, chasing after bubbles that an older girl was blowing right in Julius’ direction and of course testing how far sand can fly.

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Wild hair

Again today, Julius napped surprisingly early and when he woke up he was hungry for pasta and had this really funky hairstyle!

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