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The art of eating strawberries

Someone loves fresh strawberries, especially when they come with that spray-on cream (which I actually spray under .. otherwise he only eats the cream) … but he ends up eating the whole bowl .. and then asks for more … … Continue reading

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My first own pair of sunglasses (video)

We had tried sunglasses on Julius before .. and he has tried ours .. but it seems for this summer we have found a pair that he actually likes wearing and it appears he is not too much into destroying … Continue reading

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Chocolate icecream face

I found those tiny icecream cones which are a great diversion for him .. too bad the cone is filled with chocolate from the inside and he gets this great mustache / goatee. But he loves it (who wouldn’t)

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Denti Parade

This kinda started out when Ritsu went on her last business trip and I wanted to document that indeed I keep remembering brushing his teeth … funny pics ensued. Sorry for going all Andy Warhol over the photoshop tools .. … Continue reading

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More bubbles (video)

Julius was invited to a classmate’s birthday party and it was a fun event. Lots of running, jumping and yelling toddlers, fun food, karaoke lots of unexplored toys and blowing bubbles.

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Monkey on my back

As I said before … it is getting harder to get good shots of Julius .. and he loves riding my back…

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Daily Julius

The only picture I got of him today … notice that it is getting summery around here .. and he just loves wearing his crocs.

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Out & about

Julius and I went out to the playground and had gelato on the way back. Somehow he insisted to bring his Air Dolomiti back pack filled with some toys .. but he never got them out .. instead later he … Continue reading

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Someone is just having way to much fun hiding in that still unpacked suitcase ….

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Exploring the mountains of Chamonix

Our second day, also the day we would return to Torino. Thanks to the sun shining through our curtains, we woke up fairly early. We had breakfast (check my review on and then we packed and checked out. We … Continue reading

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Second visit to Chamonix

Since our first visit to Chamonix last year, we have always wanted to return. And it is only 2:15h away by car and this time we had a good reason: One of Ritsu’s old professors was visiting his son who … Continue reading

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Getting Sleepy

Sure signs that he is ready for bed: touching ears, yawning and eyes closing. I actually got him to bed without a fight before 9PM .. which is a new record I guess … Maybe having Spongebob to cuddle with … Continue reading

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Fiji’s interim government wants to block blogs!

A bit from our old home island Fiji (we lived there from 2002 – 2005) … and how the very idea of democracy and free speech is going down the drain there … I was first informed by a long … Continue reading

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A boy and his sponge … named Bob …

He is totally Spongebob addicted … he loves the show and we like it too, since the humor is not only aimed at toddlers (take notes teletubbies) .. and when I came across a big plush version of Spongebob .. … Continue reading

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Playing with grandpa / Pretzl / Flying back

Today was our last day visiting .. and we went to a nearby mall for some last minute shopping … then it was all about packing, jumping on grandpa’s back and then getting to the airport. It appears that Julius … Continue reading

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