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Class of 2007

The school year came to and end this Friday and Italy is getting ready for the 2 months summer time out … Just in time Julius brought home this class picture … While I don’t think this is his most … Continue reading

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Just some pics from a quick walk around the block

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Adwoa’s farewell dinner

We gathered together at the not too far away Cantina Risso to wish Adwoa a great farewell … Julius had become very attached to her and we will all miss her. We had some great food, nice outdoor seating and … Continue reading

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38°C (Doesn’t look like it)

When I get a phone call from Julius’ school around lunch time it can mean only two things: a) they want me to play St. Nicholaus again or b) Julius has a fever. In June it was pretty certain to … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

… someone is starting very early with the heavy stuff:

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“I want .. to have … egg … pleeeeaasse”

This could be an open letter to those #$%@^&* who came up with the idea to put all those last minute candy displays around the cashier lines … it is hard enough to wait in line with a kid in … Continue reading

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New T-shirt

We picked this one up last Monday when we dipped briefly into Switzerland for some shopping … and Julius loves it .. well, he is a Leo … And I know … I am terribly behind with updates … the … Continue reading

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Really crappy weather

The day started very nice and sunny, but the weather forecast said something about thunderstorms … and they had no idea what was coming … I have not seen weather that bad here yet (and this is also the first … Continue reading

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Quick visit to Switzerland

We had to leave our hotel by 10AM and thus had plenty of time before we had to be back home. Como is very close to the border to Switzerland and Chris told us that there is a big outlet … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bellagio

We are spending the weekend at Lake Como to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary (who would have ever thought Ritsu would endure me for so long? ) and today we took a boat to get to Bellagio and we had … Continue reading

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So .. we went to lake Como … (video)

What a weekend trip … and actually too much to write all about it .. but anyways .. I am trying … lake Como is one of the largest lakes in Italy and the deepest in Europe .. besides that … Continue reading

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Julius’ iPhone commercial (video)

Julius loves mobile phones and he loves everything from apple .. may it be my iPod or the several computers we have … but he has a bone to pick with the iPhone offering … and it does look grim … Continue reading

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Doing Chores

It is time the little one earns his keep by lending a hand in the household. E.g. he can bring out the trash. (Thursdays is plastic trash, so this bag might look huge, but it is actually very light)

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More rice, please

Still one of his favorites, rice, lots of it. For today’s dinner I had marinated some chicken in yogurt and tandoori spices all day long, but he was not too interested in this very red looking piece of poultry. (Which … Continue reading

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Chasing girls at the playground (video)

Finally some fine weather and after a double yoghurt breakfast we headed out to the playground. There were actually a bunch of kids around … but Julius took some particular liking to a girl, probably a year older then himself, … Continue reading

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