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Symmetrical spaceships

The little guy has become quite good at building plane and spaceship like vehicles with lego .. what amazes me most is that he makes them symmetrical .. and today he surprised me with having built the same model twice!

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Frozen banana lollipop

What a great cool healthy summer treat for Julius (and every kid out there). Just take a banana (or even better, old ones, since it is too hot to make banana bread) slice them, freeze the slices and serve them … Continue reading

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Palazzo Madama

We went to the city center today, trying to escape the heat, aiming for the fountains in front of the Palazzo Madama to have Julius play in the water … but for some weird reason he was actually more interested … Continue reading

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Aaahhrrrrrrrr, we are pirates …

Somehow Julius just had to wear a bandana, too, just because papa had one … Ok, where is the next ship to take over ???

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Splish Splash fun at the kindergarten

Julius brought some pictures home today .. not sure when exactly they were taken .. but very happy to see they also offer some water fun .. and the other boy in the pics appears to be Oscar, one of … Continue reading

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This year’s weed

Someone has to check this years weeds, crops and nasties that grow along the way to the playground

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You have no idea what I am thinking

It looks as if Julius is devising some evil master plan for global domination in this pic …

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Just some pics

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McDonald Lunch

On our way back, after having had so much seafood, we settled for McD for lunch … I tried to get our GPS navi to tell us where .. and while it knows lots of them as POIs … we … Continue reading

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Bordighera Beach Day 2

After a very good night’s sleep we got to check out the breakfast buffet. Very nice, but not coming close to the great breakfast at Hotel Button d’or in Courmayeur. But we found that there is a kids play area … Continue reading

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Bordighera Beach Day 1 (video)

This weekend we had planned a trip to the beach and Ritsu found this great little place called Bordighera on the Italian Riviera, close to the French border (also close to Nice) There were several options to get there, the … Continue reading

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Greetings from the beach (video)

After 2 weekends in the mountains we thought it was time to check out the beach. Here quickly a video, more details and plenty more pictures when we get back.

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T-Shirt Struggle (video)

Watching this makes me realize that putting on a t-shirt is really not that easy … but Julius has now figured out how to do it all by himself: He also did his pj pants, but repeatedly stuck both legs … Continue reading

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I got a surprise for ya …

Whenever Julius comes home with a little plastic bag and wearing a t-shirt I have never seen before … it is pretty obvious that he had some kind of potty incident … ah well .. it does not happen too … Continue reading

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Chicken Curry (video)

Dinner tonight was a nice Indo-Fijian inspired chicken curry … I just could not find any fresh coriander, which was a shame. But Julius really enjoyed it. Excuse our overall shirtless-ness .. but it is stinking hot these days and … Continue reading

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