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Hair drying

Ah, that tedious time of the day when his ever getting longer mane needs to be dried … but he is taking it like a … like a … hmm .. lion ???

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Sigh …

… still offline … still no phone … still nobody knows anything and nothing is happening …

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Running …

I kept wondering why it is called ‘running an errand’ … well .. Julius took it very literal and ran all the way to the pharmacy with me.

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Busy day .. pictures only so / so

While we had a fun / busy day .. the pictures are not that great .. but heck .. can’t always be .. Since Ritsu had a super tough week last week (like work from Sunday to Saturday .. leave … Continue reading

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Meatball Monday

He used to love my Turkish meatballs .. I have no idea why he ate so little today .. other than he had a big afternoon snack at school .. Just why, oh why did I make so many ???

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Wild kids

Today we met Sarah, Jan, Sebastian and Jonathan at our regular Asian place for lunch, and the kids (together with Lucy and Martin, the resident children) were having a ball. Chasing each other around the place and Lucy showing off … Continue reading

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Yet, again, another new playground (video)

Our ongoing exploration of Turin’s playgrounds brought us to one close to Ritsu’s office (after we dropped her off at work … yes, on a Saturday) and also close to the river … since it was fairly early and the … Continue reading

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While in Fiji I had all these great sunsets to take pictures of … occasionally I catch a cool early morning / sunrise here: Enjoy and click here for screensaver size.

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Getting some smoochie time with mama has been a rare commodity in the last week, since Ritsu was very tied up with work and had to leave early and came back late … but as soon as she came home, … Continue reading

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I can’t get this %&$# sweater off!

As grown-ups we tend to forget how tedious even the smallest of daily tasks can be … Good that we have the little ones to remind us of it: It appears that the shirt is way easier than the turtleneck … Continue reading

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Climb ev’ry mountain …

What is it with little boys and mounds of sand and rubble ?

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Good night, little man.

… zzzz …

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Meatballroll Monday

Today’s meatball explorations bring us to the country formerly known as Yugoslavia, where as a 10 year old I would demand those oblong shaped Ćevapčići pretty much every day. The trick seems to be to be only using garlic, onion … Continue reading

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Fun in the park (we also found snow) [video]

Here a little video clip from today’s trip to the parco della remembranza. While it was very foggy in the morning, and still gloomy when we left, on top of the hill it was beautiful sunshine and we had a … Continue reading

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Someone is getting too big for those seats in the shopping cart … (but this way he is so much easier to control)

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