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Too fast ….

He just digs Lego so much and mainly builds spaceships, castles and robots these days (most of them have a clock) … at lightning speed.

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Bathroom goofball

Ritsu is off for another business trip tomorrow, so this was the last chance for a bit to goof around with mama in the bathtub and Julius enjoyed it as usual.

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Finale Ligure Leftovers: Kid’s play (video)

I am slowly digging up through some backed up data and came across this unfinished movie from our recent weekend trip to the Italian riviera: Julius and Lucca thoroughly enjoyed the beach, no matter what’s the weather … and also … Continue reading

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Gelato @ Eataly

Another fun thing to do on a Sunday is going to Eataly, that fancy-schmancy Italian gourmet market / mall. Though the parking lot was pretty full, it was not too crowded .. on the way Julius recognized the area and … Continue reading

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Exploring the city

Today we embraced the sunny weather and thanks to the holiday weekend we stayed away from major attractions (as we had tried just yesterday and got caught in terrible traffic) So we opted for a nice stroll to the city … Continue reading

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How better to celebrate the liberation from the Germans …

… than with a pretzel @ Paulaner ? See, every 25th of April, the Italians celebrate that the Nazis finally left Italy back in 1945. What struck us as odd then was that a huge street market for this weekend … Continue reading

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This morning Julius was not his usual peachy self … he would not listen and twice I found him sulking like this (of course he would run away to find his next sulking corner as soon as Papa approached) … … Continue reading

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Is it summer already?

22C in the afternoon, perfect sunshine, time to go to the playground, look at ducks and chasing girls … This post will probably soon followed with a complain post about later April still being friggin’ cold and the central heating … Continue reading

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Goodbye “Julius 1 year ago” icon …

With the main computer still being on the fritz and some general thoughts about changes to this blog, let’s say goodbye to: Over the years this was a nice friendly icon to make it easier to see how Julius looked … Continue reading

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Hmmm… breakfast egg

We don’t eat eggs that often, unless I have just made a batch of salted eggs (hard-boiled eggs stored in the fridge for some nights in salt-water). And Julius just loves them with a dab of kewpie mayonnaise.

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Just a quickie …

Today we visited IKEA again and tried to get Julius to join the kid’s club there .. and again it was pretty much a disaster. First it was too crowded and we waited with our number for 10 – 15 … Continue reading

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computer problems

something new .. it is not internet issues … but the fact that my main computer is dying that keeps me from blogging … I still have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I need the time to try … Continue reading

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“The Daily Show” on Olympics / China / Tibet

I have never posted one of those embedded clips (other than our own) here .. but since it is on their official website, with embedding link provided, I guess it is totally legal … I have been a follower of … Continue reading

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New car seat = new sleeping position

We have upgraded Julius to a booster seat and he seems to like it a lot and stays nicely strapped in … Today when we went to pick up mama, he promptly fell asleep … I had always wondered how … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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