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Beach Weekend Day 2: Return to Finale Ligure

Early wake up and getting ready to hop over the border again to Italy. It took us about 90 mins to drive to Finale Ligure, where we had been in April. This time we had nicer weather, actually a bit … Continue reading

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Beach Weekend Day 1: Menton, France

We started fairly early to drive the 2:45 h to Menton, but even with this head start we ended up in a mean traffic jam just before Savonna, so we ended up arriving at our hotel at noon (after a … Continue reading

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Greetings from Samarkand!

The workshop is finally over yesterday and I went to Samarkand, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Uzbekistan, with my Nepalese colleague today. My friend Kyoko, who works here in Tashkent, offered her car and driver to go there. … Continue reading

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Bad, Bath & Balloon

Now that he has figured out how to blow balloons, the next logical step for him was to try the same thing with water!

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Ritsu is sending greetings and yummy foodpics from Uzbekistan

Ritsu is out on business again and gets to sample local Uzbek and other interesting food (e.g. Korean and Moroccan) This thing that looks like a rice dish with a flat pebble in it (actually a piece of meat) is … Continue reading

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Festa di San Giovanni

Today is a holiday so Julius’ school was closed. And we were checking out what there is to do … e.g. I kinda read on this website that there is some free boat ride on the river Po, so we … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again …

Finally summer is here! And it is getting hot. Gladly we got this nice chrome-y fan from David M. when he left Turin. It works well and Julius has lots of fun letting his drawings fly in the wind.

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Yes, I had chocolate gelato …

.. how can you tell ? The afternoon was quite exciting, as they had closed down our neighborhood for a downhill soap box race … well, those engineless vehicles do not deserve the name soap box … this business has … Continue reading

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Macaroni & Cheese

I am aware that Kraft’s ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ might not the best lunch in terms of nutritional value, but it is a perfect meal to show a pre-schooler how to cook and survive. He had lots of fun mixing the … Continue reading

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Visiting Sebastian

And what fun the boys had : It has been a while since we have been out to our friends ‘out in the country’ (They are just a 20 minute ride behind our hills) and finally the weather is also … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Mama

Ritsu is off for yet another business trip and we steamed through Friday afternoon rush hour to bring her to the airport on time. Check-In was easy, while saying bye bye was a bit harder this time, Julius cried, but … Continue reading

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Aperetivo with David M.

It had been a while since we had seen our friend David M. and he treated us to a nice bottle of prosecco at our neighborhood wine place. Julius remembered him right away (he actually recalled the wine place before … Continue reading

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Happy 6th Anniversary!

Yep .. we got married 6 years ago .. incredible … To celebrate this I had made a very early booking at Mare Nostrum, our favorite seafood place in Turin, but I got a call yesterday from them, that they … Continue reading

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Fun with balloons (video)

While we were a bit late checking out the neighborhood market / fest (it was much bigger than the usual monthly antique market, but still not impressive at all, they need some better / more interesting food stalls) and the … Continue reading

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Night out with David K.

Julius had only met David K. 3 weeks ago in New Hampshire, but they have become best buddies and now David visited us and Julius was all over him again. We had some apperitivo and wine at our place and … Continue reading

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