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Crab salad @ Eataly

For Sunday fun we went to Lingotto / Eataly and found enjoyed this very nice crab salad. Julius is always heading for the seafood section first, as he loves to see the fish tanks full of lobsters and other spiny … Continue reading

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Arts & Crafts (=Basteln)

His passion these days is arts & crafts, starting early in the morning, he rather cuts out something and uses glue or tape than eating breakfast. He creates all kinds of intricate ornaments or animals with decorations and all of … Continue reading

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Tomato Boy

These days I don’t get around taking pictures much, so, I post what I can get This weekend was very hot (in May!) and we did BBQ again, this time without the dramatic flames, hence no photos.

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That’s what I call a Tag Cloud

What the heck is a tag cloud? Where can I get one? It does look a bit like a movie poster for ‘Japanese Grilled Julius’

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Gigiotto is visiting

What a nice idea of kiddo’s school .. having a communal plush school animal that everyone gets to bring home for a few days. I keep wondering why it took so long that Julius got him (then again, his friend … Continue reading

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Int’l day at the Int’l school

Julius’ future school had a party (to which we had not been officially invited, but as father of a kid of the Japanese school I had been asked to participate in setting up tents the day before .. and got … Continue reading

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Fire! (First own BBQ in years, since Fiji)

Last weekend we bought a cheapo BBQ grill for 5€ … but it turns out to be quite handy … we have no clue as to if we are actually allowed to do bbq on our balcony, we are waiting … Continue reading

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First visit to the eye doctor

Following the recommendation of our pediatrician I had booked an appointment with Dr. Emmet Brown Bruno Oldani, and he is indeed fantastic with kids. It started with a quick exam by some very nice assistant lady who turned everything into … Continue reading

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Monster Pollen!

This allergy season is just crazy … i have never seen this mass and clustering of pollen. At times it looks like it is snowing … sideways.

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Rooftop balcony BBQ @ Marianne’s

Following last night’s invitation to a rooftop balcony lunch, we discovered a new corner of Turin and Julius, being the only kid, had lots of fun with the ladies: It had rained a lot just before we came, so the … Continue reading

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Japanese class

Today was the first time Julius stayed at Japanese class all by himself, the full time, without one of us hovering around (thus only one semi crappy photo). From what he heard later he behaved quite well and especially enjoyed … Continue reading

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Star Trek … in italiano

Spock: “Capitano Kirk-uh, che cosa facciamo?” Kirk: “Signor Spock-uh, curvatura quattro presto, PRESTO” McCoy: “Sono un dottore, non un fisico!” So, I had several options to watch the new Star Trek movie: a) Wait half a year for the DVD … Continue reading

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Cat Nap

Sammy feels more and more at home when he comes by. He even stayed one night with me in bed. Today he came up all by himself (usually I have to carry him up the stairs, which he is not … Continue reading

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Julius & the one-eyed cat

Julius just loves Sammy, but he also keeps asking about the white baby cat with the blue / green eyes.

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In Action!

When we came back home today from work, Julius and Chidi were still playing ball outside and I got this one spy pic from our balcony before he noticed that we are back. It seems that J has a lot … Continue reading

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