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Best Chicken Salad ever – revisited

In case you missed that post from pretty much exactly 5 years ago … I made this fantastic chicken salad again. Having found mango and mint, but no macademia nuts (replaced them with cashew). It was very yummy … until … Continue reading

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nackendotcom on Twitter!

It had to come to this … bitten by the twitter bug! I have been struggling a long time to find any tangible use or reason why to tweet … I had played around with it a bit but then … Continue reading

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Sunday outing with papa: Coraline in 3D

On the way to the movie theater: nap time Then a pit stop at McD And then off to the movies. Great movie, even better in 3D .. but the projectionist screwed up, at around 30 mins we had some … Continue reading

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Finally dining outside

We had started doing BBQ on 5/16 and since then I have used our little 5€ grill every weekend, sometimes twice. What was missing was the opportunity to sit outside. We had looked at many kinds of balcony furniture, but … Continue reading

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Car Upgrade

Like many things this year (Apartment, Job) things are just floating in our direction … this time a new car. Again we were not looking for anything new, but we got this great offer from a trusted source … and … Continue reading

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Getting boingboinged

If you know a bit about the blogosphere, then you know BoingBoing, a blog about all kinds of interesting things. And getting a story published there is a fun experience. Suddenly your counter goes beserk. We usually only get 200 … Continue reading

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“Bring your kid to work” day

Actually, they don;t really have this here … seems to be a very American thing … but we have funny local holidays (San Giovanni today) which do not correspond with the UN holiday calendar. So, Julius’ school was closed and … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s dramatic sunset as a screensaver

Overlooking the not so far mountains, we are getting some really dramatic sunsets here.

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Another 3h+ Saturday lunch out in the country.

I am always excited when Ritsu’s boss Malcolm recommends a lunch gathering. He just knows all those hidden, fantastic places. And again, he delivered. Check out Villa Tiboldi. Based on some technical trouble (car electronics were down, thus no GPS) … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Air Cannons of Roero (solved)

This weekend we went to the Roero wine area and after a loooong lunch we sat with friends outside and looked fearfully at the looming, darker growing clouds. When suddenly we heard a loud boom in the distance. Followed by … Continue reading

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Dinner @ Cascina Vrona

We returned to Cascina Vrona after a long and lazy Saturday afternoon (too late to use their pool, but enough time to say hello to their animals) and were able to take a mini nap. This time around we wanted … Continue reading

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A boy and ‘his’ cat.

Stray cat Sammy came by for dinner and Julius was super happy and caring as usual. When it was time for him to leave (and for the J-man to go to bed) we walked him down and played a bit … Continue reading

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The Seven Year Itch!

Always fun to repost this image: I looked so much younger! (Ritsu has not changed a bit). Yeps, 7 years ago we got married. To celebrate we went to the very same restaurant as last year and had again very … Continue reading

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Class of 2009

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Just get it done with …

If remember correctly, this is the 5th time i have taken him to the barber. The same place we went for #1 and #2 (while #3 was that very short short job back in october) and #4, based on his … Continue reading

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