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Whiskey & Sheeshah

We finally got around naming the kittens. Whiskey for the male (orange) cat and Sheeshah for the grey (female) cat. Their main habitat is still the small bathroom. They gave us a few more ‘where are they’ scares … but … Continue reading

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Meet the kittens!

This has been a project long time in the making … from first mentions on our Turkey trip this year … and then we heard from a friend that they found a litter of 4 in the backyard … we … Continue reading

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Future Artist?

I guess this is what you get when you expose a kid in his most formable years to the works of Miró, Dalí & Gaudí with a dash of Picasso … Made with cork, buttons, glue and bits & pieces … Continue reading

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Julius & Yuika

I first heard about Yuika as Julius’ latest best friend when I saw her in the school transport during summer school a few weeks back, but as it turns out, he also knows her from Japanese school. Anyways, once we … Continue reading

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Lunch @ Osteria Madernassa

Not only does the Osteria Madernassa have a great pool, they also serve great food. The chef is Japanese, trying his talents on Italian fare. I opted for something I was not sure what it would be .. I was … Continue reading

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Pool fun @ Osteria Madernassa

The last few weeks have been too hot, so we looked around for another pool option (we had booked the great pool at Vignolo again, but it seems they have been closed down by the fire department. I guess over … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner?

I wonder if anyone can guess what I made for dinner tonight … I have not made this in a looooooooooong time .. and it is related to Julius’ place of birth … once I get a correct answer, I … Continue reading

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At the hardware store

Of course he would find something to play with

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Fantastic birthday dinner @ Magorabin

For my birthday, Ritsu had made reservations at the very fantastic Magorabin restaurant, a place we had tried to book before (but they were on vacation around our anniversary) The short version: service was great, food was plenty and almost … Continue reading

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Welcome back home! We cut off your internet!! AGAIN!!!

Just a quick note that we made it back home swiftly (less than 2 hours from close to Milano). And once again, Telecom has disconnected us … why? Well, long story short, to not run into the old problems again, … Continue reading

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Timmelsjoch and Stelvio Pass

Today was just to be ‘driving back home’ and to mix things up a bit & avoid the terrible Brenner highway, I had mapped out a route going through the mountains at the end of the Ötztal over the Timmelsjoch … Continue reading

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Bye, bye, Ötztal

One nice last ‘sunset’ view from our balcony. Tomorrow we are heading back, straight through the mountains. Too bad, no other pictures of today, since we were pre-occupied by packing and playing ‘raiders of the lost iPhone’. As Ritsu disovered … Continue reading

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Schweinshaxe dinner @ ‘s Pfandl

Schweinshaxe is a crunchy baked pork knuckle, a regional specialty which has to be ordered in advance. The food was nice, lots of carbohydrates (potatoes AND dumplings) and the atmosphere of the place was very cozy. Unfortunately, the advertised ‘honest … Continue reading

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Chairlift adventure & Sonnblick Hike

We started the day with a nice ride on a chairlift up the mountain in Hochsölden. But up there was a bit too cold and we had planned a different route, so after having taken in the panorama, we went … Continue reading

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Stuibenfall Hike

Initially we had 2 hikes planned for today, first this big waterfall and then a valley in Niederthai. But it turns out the they use some tricky ‘mis-advertizing’ for this fall hike. The brochure says ‘you can do the roundtrip … Continue reading

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