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Dinner with Kyoko @ Mare Nostrum

Tonight we went with Ritsu’s colleague to Mare Nostrum. We have not been been there in a long time (over a year) and it was also the first time for Julius. While the food was still very good, the whole … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner @ Antico Corona Reale

For Ritsu’s birthday dinner we followed a recommendation for another Michelin star restaurant in the wine country: ‘Antico Corona Reale’, mainly to start the truffle season and having heard great things about their cocotte, an egg / cream dish which … Continue reading

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Greetings from Cervere

This weekend we are out to celebrate Ritsu’s birthday. Cervere is not really a hot spot and only has one cozy hotel with very friendly people, but the main reason we came for was to eat at a fancy restaurant … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Ritsu!!!

Today is Ritsu’s Birthday! To celebrate, we are going out to the country side for a first taste of this year’s truffles! Best wishes to you my love!!!!

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The kittens are still very much in their warm up phase, we can pet them, they purr, they like to explore the kitchen at night time, but they are also still very shy and scared. We are trying all kinds … Continue reading

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Totally out!

It was a long week, with Japanese school on Saturday … and I had suggested early on that Julius should take a nap, which he was not to keen on … but at some point, when I was wondering why … Continue reading

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Rainy week so far

Last week was all blue sky and sunshine, sometimes it even felt too hot to walk … now, Monday morning, very different scenario. Right on time at 7:45 AM, the heavens opened and a downpour of biblical proportions commenced. (7 … Continue reading

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BBQ meatballs

For tomorrow’s PTA brunch at the new school, Julius and I prepared 80 BBQ meatballs. Here is the recipe, thanks to SugarFrosted. BBQ Meatballs (for a crowd) Meatball Ingredients: 3 lbs. Ground Beef 1 C. Cracker crumbs 1 C. Oatmeal … Continue reading

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Sayonara (video)

Caught a little glimpse at Japanese class today when they were singing their goodbye song: Julius is trying his best to keep up, at one point his voice can be heard very clearly (and in tune)

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The kittens are coming out

The 2 weeks ride with the kittens has been quite roller coaster-y. They ate well for a week, then stopped eating and had some diarrhea … after 3 days of non-eating I called a vet and took them, just to … Continue reading

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Salad Head

Mama left today for another business trip and that gives me the chance again to get silly creative on food offerings for Julius, while still including enough veggies (and it is a spinach burger!) He especially liked the carrot cravat.

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Some impressions of the new school(*) life

The first few days have been fun and interesting … no more wondering what to wear every morning (school uniform), no waiting for the school bus (we walk) … everything pretty peachy … but also lots of new things for … Continue reading

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First day at new school(*)

We have started early telling Julius about changing schools … and he was really getting excited about it … so .. today was the big day and there was no separation anxiety (unlike we heard from other kids) … and … Continue reading

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Orientation day @ new school

.. which included lots of running around for J, while getting to know a lot of new kids. He already seems to be good friends with 2 other newcomers in his class, Momoko (another Japanese girl, not in the photos) … Continue reading

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Lovely Sushi in Milano @ Endo-Tomoyoshi

Today was all about getting new passports for Julius. For this we had to wake up at 6AM, hop in the car and drive 2h to Milano. So far I only know Milano from passing by and even today, I … Continue reading

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