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Fish Skewers

Not the most exciting blog post, I know … But these days we are happy when everything goes well, my back is not acting up too much, Julius brings home a smily face from school and enjoys his food … … Continue reading

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Weekend out in the country with Yuika Part 2

Next day, after breakfast, we went to our regular wine place to get 2 more boxes of wine and our Japanese friends bought 3 bottles of Nebiollo, after having tasted 2 of the reds. Then a quick look at Canale … Continue reading

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Weekend out in the country with Yuika Part 1

This weekend we introduced Yuika’s family to Cascina Vrona and the kids had a lot of fun looking at the animals (although the path to the stables was super muddy, it had rained all week before, but now it was … Continue reading

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Yes, cats can open doors (video)

I had been aware for a while now that the kittens find their way out of closed rooms. Unfortunately, our apartment came with no keys to any of the doors (other than entrance and one of the 2 bathrooms) But … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Lunch @ Magorabin (major food porn warning)

I had asked Ritsu about a week ago if she wanted to go anywhere special on Sunday and she said ‘not really’ … much later she explained that she was not aware that I was talking about Valentines Day. Maybe … Continue reading

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Julius & Yuika part 2

Remember that cute Japanese girl from back in August? Now actually Julius has 2 Japanese girls to chose from, Momoe, who is in his class and Yuika, who is one class below, but if I get it right, they all … Continue reading

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Carnival (updated)

Today was Carnival at Julius’ school, which, according to the info sent out to the parents boiled down to a mini ‘parade’ and then some snacks and games (and then changing back into school uniform) Honestly, nothing I felt like … Continue reading

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Swim time again

This time Ritsu had the chance to get out early and see Julius at swim class and take some nice pictures! I keep being amazed how much he is used to using a swim cap … I HATED those when … Continue reading

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Ahhh … nap time

It is so cute to see how the kittens just find the person who is sleeping and join the nap.

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Play date withe Daniela & Chiara

We recently had Julius over at Daniela’ s[his current flame] place for a play date (when I was a kid there was no such thing as a play date) and today we combined the return invitation with a trip to … Continue reading

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The Blog must go on

It is tricky to continue with the blog after such a big event. Many things happened, I have a bunch of pictures, there are stories to share … and somehow I just have to get back into the blog-driver’s seat … Continue reading

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