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Try to lose THIS hat, kiddo

I had it with lost hats … This is the best I can come up with so that he does not lose it … And of course, the first time he used it, last Monday, when he has swim class, … Continue reading

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Ritsu’s Birthday weekend (lots of food!)

After we picked up Julius from Japanese school and had our semi-regular lunch at the Asian place, we dared driving into the heart of the city center to pick up 2 colleagues of Ritsu who would join us for the … Continue reading

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Like father, like son

My dad found an interesting photo (taken by my mom in ’74) in his archives and compared it to Julius’ doings: Interesting how the kids are totally avoiding eye contact. I am pretty certain my father did something like that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ritsu!

We just got back from a fun-filled, eventful (and food-ful) weekend in the country to celebrate Ritsu’s birthday. I have lots of pics and stories, which I will add to the blog tomorrow.

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Play Ball

After a very rainy week last week, this week the summer was back for a bit and Julius and I spent the afternoons after school at the playground. The second time around he got more social and kids started to … Continue reading

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Sunday at the theater: Aladino

Ritsu found out about this nice theater play for kids “Aladino” in Turin at the Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani and we decided to go. But before I talk about the play itself, I need to vent about the … Continue reading

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115.5cm (45.5in) & 21kg (46.3lbs)

Today was Julius’ 6 year checkup with Dr. Mostert (the only occasion we travel through the city traffic to get to his office) and Julius was just a tad apprehensive, recalling the last 2 vaccinations he got just too well. … Continue reading

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Ritsu is back from a loooong trip – bearing gifts

Ritsu had 2 back to back workshops in Manila and Hà Nội (after being gone for over 2 weeks.) Now she is back and we are very happy that she survived all those long flights and pesky hotel stays and … Continue reading

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Waiting for the bus

Since J’s school has moved location and is no longer within walking distance, we had signed him up for the school bus service. The first week was quite an adventure, as they were still working out kinks and kept changing … Continue reading

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Awesome sunset

One reason why we love this apartment: The great view towards the mountains …. and every now and then we get a remarkable sunset (Click for screensaver size)

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Shaving papa

For Ritsu’s impending return I wanted to look pretty and asked Julius to help me shave my head … he did an ok job … well, he focused mainly on scraping off all the foam … got very little of … Continue reading

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Cat feeding

Julius is becoming more involved in doing cat related chores, especially giving them the soft food they get only in the morning.

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What’s for morning snack tomorrow?

The whole topic of ‘morning snack’ was a bit of an issue last year, as it seems many parents just buy the nice, pre-wrapped, carbs and chocolate filled thingies offered at the supermarket (and Julius points them out, which kid … Continue reading

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And after the first day of school

Julius came home pretty peachy, a bit tired, talking about his day (‘papa, the new school is kinda far’) and told me which of his kindergarten classmates made it into his class. They have 2 first grade classes which each … Continue reading

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Mein erster Schultag

Tomorrow will a big day, as Julius will be starting elementary school! He is not that super excited, though, as he has been going to similar kinds of school settings (Asilo nido, kindergarten etc) for 5 years now. But the … Continue reading

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