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This is just a test

We are about to embark for our Easter trip and I am trying something new in terms of updates … since we stay in Italy (where we have 3G coverage without roaming penalties) we will use our phones and what … Continue reading

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When a child … (video)

Seriously, shot April 1981, when Visage was big in Europe …

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Outside lunch @ Io e Luna

We have not been to “Io e Luna” since Ritsu’s birthday last year and we always wanted to have the outside seating experience. And this Sunday, the weather looked very promising. Compared to the previous times (first, second and third), … Continue reading

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Grocery Boy

With my driving privileges on hold for now again, I need to visit more often the semi-nearby mini supermarket (slightly over-prized) and yesterday afternoon I took Julius with me .. the weather was great. Amazing how time flies … this … Continue reading

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Finally, messy fun with paper maché

Remember this post? Ever since I told Julius about the shirt ruining art of paper maché, he has been nagging. And finally I found a balloon. (All that was left at the supermarket were overprized v-day themes / heart shaped … Continue reading

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Fried Anchovies with Sage

For the first time (in bulk) I tackled fresh anchovies … usually it is as easy as opening a can … but this time … well .. and the fish people tell you that one is too small and time … Continue reading

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I had promised Julius to make pancakes … sure enough he woke me up at 7:30 AM on a Sunday to remind me of that. We had used pre-made pancake mixes before, but this time I made them from scratch … Continue reading

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What time of year is it?

While la mama is on secret mission in [secret location], J and me are enjoying the unusual climate change … weren’t we just in snow gear in the mountains? Obviously, the gelato season starts early this year.

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In the garden

The weather is great these days, we take advantage of the garden behind the house … and I am having way too much fun with video filter apps for the phone …

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Mug Shots ’11

Just like last year this time around, the school photographer came and took pictures … Unlike last year, there was no notice to please pay 20€. Either they have given up on the honor system and just somehow roll it … Continue reading

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Some more retro stuff

I dug out my old 8mm camera and followed J and his pals around a bit while they were trying to find the ever elusive cats of ours.

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Kids in Hipstamatic

I am having way too much fun with this iPhone app called ‘Hipstamatic’. In a very cool way it emulates the cheap plastic cameras from the old analog days, when one had to first finish a film, then bring it … Continue reading