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Our next destination.

6 Years in Italy has been a very long time … after I left my parents’ home, New York was longest with 5 years … Time to move on. While things are only 99.9% at the moment … since RItsu … Continue reading

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Good night

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Melone con Prosciutto di Parma

One of the best summer lunches ever (too bad they did not have an offer on St. Danielle ham, which I like even better. But they gave me a special price on the Parma, because it was the end of … Continue reading

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Last day of school

Incredible … another school year is over … Grade 2! Here he cometh! And watch out, girls!

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Snack Pack 2011

Since I am so much behind with recent blog things … well … I just go with something recent I have right now. Only 2 more days of school and than this school year is pretty much over … so … Continue reading

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End of school year performance

This is for the hard core fans again.

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Pool Sunday

We had another great weekend with great weather out in the rolling wine hills, exploring a new place, new food and a new pool … As usual, more pics and details later

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Happy 9th Anniversary Dinner @ Magorabin

Tonight I took Ritsu out to one of our favorite restaurants, Magorabin, to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Since I am still behind with blog posts from last weekend, I basically live-blogged all the food on and you can … Continue reading

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Last weekend’s blog post -work in progress-

Sorry about that … We had a great weekend out in the country side, with tons of food, friends and Julius even got some pool action. But I have way too many pictures (232 to be exact, I am in … Continue reading

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Sunday lunch (again) at Cascina Vrona

(Post still being worked on) While we did not have an overnight here at Cascina Vrona this time (fully booked, we came anyways to enjoy their Sunday lunch. After visiting Canale, we came a tad early so that Julius could … Continue reading

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Dinner with a view: MiraLanghe in Guarene

It has been a while since we have seen our old pal David (NH, where we met most of his family and Turin, just 3 weeks after that) and this time he brought his new bride Amy. Of course we … Continue reading

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Chasing pigeons at the train station

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Another dramatic sunset

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What can I say …

We all love our apple laptops …

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Julius & Ryota baking pizza

Today Ryota came with Julius after school for a play date. Since the weather was lousy (so, no play ground) I got the guys involved in making pizza and it appears they had a lot of fun with it.

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