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IncrediBooth app … free this weekend

Happy Hallo’boo IncrediBooth

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Happy Trek-o-we’en

We found only one other Star Trek fan (don’t even know her name .. she looks like my teen-age daughter) .. we were outnumbered by Jedi Knights .. and at least one Princess Leia

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Ready for Hallowe’en

As I wrote before I recently introduced Julius to Star Trek. Ever since then he wanted to be part of Star Fleet .. and I researched options on how to get a nice costume. But things are tricky here. But … Continue reading

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And it only took 2 and a half months …

I will be busy unpacking boxes … but hopefully I can write a bit more later

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Pumpkin Transformation

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone! BOO (There was a family day at Ritsu’s office and besides 2 cool bouncy castles, there was also face painting for the kids, although that involved lining up for about 30 minutes, but Julius was VERY determined … Continue reading

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Fantastic Sunset

Even without any clouds … just beautiful.

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When we lived in Fiji, we had 2 burglaries, which were ‘minor’ snatch and grab things … but still, disturbing. Even though we had an alarm system (Which was off at those times, since we were actually in the house). … Continue reading

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First attempts in bowling

Since our movie plan fell through (still not really sure why, first I was told to come back in 20 minutes, and then I was told that it was sold out … on a weekday? I can only imagine some … Continue reading

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Julius and the girls

Yep, definitely my boy … .

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Gardening with Mulu

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While Addis Ababa is already pretty high (2400m) there is a close by mountain at 3000m … Entoto .. and you can get a really nice view of Addis from there Since school is closed this week, Julius and I … Continue reading

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Day Trip to Debre Zeyit

Today me and Julius took a day trip to an area about 1 h away called Debre Zeyit. While actually Ritsu was in the same area on a yoga retreat. Interesting to see the change in elevation. It was a … Continue reading

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Free gym

There are not really playgrounds around here … but there is this fun contraption that serves as a free gym for anyone who wants to .. and that is all the fun Julius needs.

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Kids in a box

The last 2 mornings there was no teacher present and the classroom was not open … so I stayed with the kids and today they started competing ‘who can fit into your allotted space for your school bags’ …

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Committed to Excellecne

This is from a full page color ad from a weekly newspaper here … I am not sure I would want to study there … maybe instead I rather travle to London … (all typos verbatim from the ad) On … Continue reading

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