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Oh, Sashimi

After a tough trip from the airport hotel to the grandparent’s home (1 bus, 3 trains, 1 taxi) I was rewarded with some of the freshest sashimi ever. Instead of a store prepared platter, grandma Keiko had bought pieces of … Continue reading

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Same procedure as last year …

After a very long travel day via Dubai, we have finally arrived in Japan. And as in the years before (1/11, 1/10, 12/09, 1/09), we stayed one night at the airport hotel Nikko Narita and went to that small ramen … Continue reading

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Of course, the night before our long long plane trip, Julius starts puking every hour. I do not remember much of him being sick, actually the last time was when we moved from Fiji to Italy, and that was 6 … Continue reading

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Julius & Xhanti

I was always a bit worried how well (or not) Julius would adapt to living here, especially about finding new friends. But it seems that with kids this age it kinda goes naturally and he and Xhanti are now best … Continue reading

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S’mores and Mojitos

Tonight we were invited at Aiko & Youri’s place for s’mores and mojitos. Yes, a weird combination, but they grow their own mint (something I will be working on sometime soon) and they even made their own marsh mellows (for … Continue reading

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Julius’ holiday concert (now with videos)

Today was the holiday concert event. Lots of fun stuff. Our event was for grades Kindegraten to second grade, so we had to wait a while to see Julius perform. They tried to include pretty much everything from hip-hop to … Continue reading

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First baby tooth GONE

For 2 weeks now one of Julius’ front teeth has been wobbling a lot … and even the next tooth became visible. And I also think there is some kind of peer pressure in his grade. So, tonight, after some … Continue reading

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Coffee and Popcorn

Coffee is a big thing here … and while I am not at all into coffee, the last time we were at Viewpoint Lodge (Debre Zeit), I just had to try it .. It is a fun thing, the roast … Continue reading

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Baboon Alert!

In the category of ‘things you did not hear about BEFORE you moved to Ethiopia’ comes today this email from Julius’ school: Baboon Alert for Parents I think this must be the most unusual notice I’ve ever written to a … Continue reading

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New sofa

I am getting kinda proud about my negotiation skills here … pretty much everything is a matter of haggling … unless people say ‘this is fixed price’ … I still have to learn that, it seems that some shops are … Continue reading

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