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Live greetings from Bole airport

Thanks to one of the funky cards Ritsu has we got into the business lounge (free food, ok, free drinks, mix it yourself) but the seating is much nicer and since the flight is at 1:20 AM, we are enjoying … Continue reading

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Weekend update

To start off: some recent Julius related pictures. It was a busy week, I had a parents / teacher conference and he was an active part, as he had to confirm / formulate his goals for the next trimester, setting … Continue reading

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If you use an iPad, you probably also know what an RSS feed is … and that you can use to tie into this wonderful iPad app called Flipboard. It turns all your favorite news and whatever websites into beautiful, … Continue reading

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Dinner with friends @ Castelli

Finally good Italian food again! In Addis!!! We heard about Castelli many times before and the reviews on tripadvisor are pretty interesting (mixed, since some people cannot get over the ‘character’ that is the owner’). Some people complain about the … Continue reading

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Cooking in the dark

Electricity is out here quite often. Today it was 4 times … but most of the times it is less than an hour. And most of the times it is during the day … But last night it was after … Continue reading

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More about Sabana Lodge

1.5 weeks ago we went to this very nice place and I promised to write a bit more about it and post some more pictures. One thing that came very quickly to mind, that unlike Fiji, where the expat population … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s day ball at the Sheraton

This seems to be one of the big expat events in Addis (since all other holidays everyone is gone). The Sheraton is a very posh environment and at 60$ a pop (of which 20$ went to charity) one cannot complain. … Continue reading

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Lemon Pork Balls

This recipe came with warmest regards from our friend Malcolm and when I finally found minced pork (which is rare, I am still looking for a meat grinder to do that myself), I just had to try it: Pork and … Continue reading

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Playdate with Xhanti

Today Xhanti was over … while I enjoy seeing the boys having fun together .. Julius does not have the 102″ inch 3D TV screen (with 100 plus TV channels) and two full time nannies taking care of everything (like … Continue reading

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Onion eggs

Just a fun idea to spice up the breakfast offerings … I had some metal rings to keep eggs nicely in shape … they are a pain though to clean up … so .. I cam across this idea. Just … Continue reading

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Beach & Water Fun @ Lake Langano

We had a nice weekend trip to Lake Langano and enjoyed the beach there (which is quite something for a landlocked country) I will write up the whole experience a bit later and I have many many more pictures. But … Continue reading

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