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Kids at lunch

Today was the last day of summer camp and there was another sportive presentation. Towards the end I cam across Raymond, father of Milan & Noah and the boys said they wanted to play together. So, I took them home … Continue reading

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More Julius art

Some more of what he did during summer camp:

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Mission Foamhead accomplished!

We had not have a bath picture in a while .. or enough hot water …

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Julius in art class

The school year is officially over, but there are 2 weeks of ‘summer camp’ And Julius seems to be enjoying it a lot. It is a short day .. just until noon. They start with PE, then computer, then French … Continue reading

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Has it really been 10 years?

Incredible how time flies. Having a nearly 8 year old running around reminds me of that. But this is what we did exactly 10 years ago. And who would have figured we end up in a fancy country like Ethiopia … Continue reading

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And now you can go to prison for 15 years here for using Skype! UPDATED

This is really getting silly. The Ethiopian Government has passed a law on May 24th which makes the use of Skype a criminal act. And can get you into prison for 15 years. The linked articles outline a bit more … Continue reading

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Internet connection here: gone from bad to worse to horrible.

I know I complained a lot about the internet back in Fiji … and that was only 56K modem. But that was 9 years ago and back then websites did not have the pageload that they are having now. Now … Continue reading

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Found this rare iPod prototype on a flea market today

… ok .. it is not in anyway related to Apple … but it was a great find! While most of the flea market was about used clothes, books, VHS tapes (?), cassette tapes (??), books (mainly in German, since … Continue reading

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Student led parent-teacher-student meeting

Today we were invited to school to have a review of the year so far and as a special twist, the meetings were not managed by the teachers, but by the students themselves. So, Julius had a nice folder ready … Continue reading

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