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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ritsu Dinner @ La Mandoline

Culminating into the actual celebration of Ritsu’s birthday (I had organized that they would also have a little surprise reception at her office [Yes, thank you Dirk, 50% your credit 😀 ] we tried tonight the very nice restaurant “La … Continue reading

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And it is Meskel again!

To celebrate Ritsu’s birthday the finding of the true cross, all Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia celebrate Meskel (which is actually tomorrow). The day before are parties all over town which includes a huge bonfire called a Demera. And like last … Continue reading

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REAL sushi / sashimi in Addis !!!

Inspired by the wonderful Sunday brunch we had at the Sheraton, and continuing the pre-celebration, we now wanted to try the Asian buffet that Summerfields offers every Tuesday. The big draw for that is the REAL sushi / sashimi (while … Continue reading

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Bath time again

One thing I really love about this new house .. regular size bath tubs … and on a push of a button (and then some waiting time) you have hot water.

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Sunday Brunch @ Summerfields (Sheraton)

To start of the pre-celebration towards Ritsu’s upcoming birthday, we went to finally try out the Sunday brunch at Sheraton’s Summerfields restaurant. Albeit initially a tad confused about different information regarding time and cost, those 3 hours were a fantastic … Continue reading

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Getting to know the new neighbors

So far I had very little to none interaction with the people around us .. one family just left, one house is still being built .. so I was very happy to hear children’s voices from next door … and … Continue reading

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Name that bird (update: solved)

While we have successfully escaped the worst of the church sound (we are now in a ‘sweet spot’ between 2 churches and 1 mosque) we have a fun neighborhood bird, which is very night active. From the little I could … Continue reading

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Self Portrait

Julius does not own a portable game console .. instead I bought an iPod Touch (which technically is still mine) and I let him doodle with it when I find it appropriate. Slowly now he figures out that instead of … Continue reading

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It’s a jungle

This is the view from the back terrace of our new house. Lush green nature!

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Daily Julius

I just love his long hair

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Moving Day !

The big day has finally come! I have not said anything here on the blog yet because things were hectic … but we are moving once again. The noise of our friendly neighborhood church is reason enough to get long … Continue reading

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Disco Inferno @ first REAL sleepover

Last night Julius had his very first night away from home without either papa or mama. He had a sleepover before, but that was in our house. He and Elena are getting along great and have been looking forward to … Continue reading

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