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Will the dramas never end?

What started as a super fun afternoon at the Sheraton pool, with lots of water activities and meeting new friends and of course having fish and chips with his best pal Elena … … unfortunately it ended, just 4 minutes … Continue reading

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Nice walk

After a doctor’s appointment today (and Ritsu being my driver), she dropped me off at Bambi’s (a supermarket I do not get to often enough, they have all kinds of fancy things that I cannot find anywhere else) I decided … Continue reading

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Look at my science project

… just look at it!

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Weekend in Djibouti

We always wanted to go to Djibouti, it is the closest (friendly) country at the coast. And I had arranged the whole trip from getting a killer deal on the hotel to getting semi-cheap flights (with our beloved airline, Ethiopian … Continue reading

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Pool & Seafood Fun in ….

… that’s still a surprise until I have time to write the full trip report of last weekend. But let’s see when I get to that, we returned late this night and already our plates for this coming week are … Continue reading

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Getting to Djibouti

We raced to the airport early in the morning, domestic terminal, though international flight (technically) … experience with ET sub-standard as usual, but not as bad as other instances before. Plane late, (no surprise), but at least the inflight meal … Continue reading

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Future Video Game Developer

Julius is busy designing new levels for video games, this looks very much like a Super Mario extension. (Mind you, he does not really get to play video games, he has no Nintendo, there is no ‘real’ Super Mario stuff … Continue reading

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My little girl enjoying salad

I just love his long hair!

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Swim fun @ Sheraton

It is still a bit chaotic being back in ‘the jungle’ … the car is not working, 3 out of 4 toilets in the house are not working … so, it was a very welcome breather to go with Elena … Continue reading

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Random Artwork

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26h from there to here … (aka ‘The Long Trek Home’)

After a last quick round of supermarket shopping we left our Japanese home at 11:35, forfeiting waiting for a taxi and just rolling our luggage all the way to Chitose Karasuyama where we boarded a rapid train to Shinjuku. After … Continue reading

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And we are back in Addis Ababa

Door to door a bit more than 26h … More and in detail (with photos) later.

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One last day of glorious Japanese food

For lunch, after some last minute shopping, we stopped by a local ramen place and had very nice food. It is very untypical for me to finish my whole bowl. It was THAT good. And for dinner we all went … Continue reading

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Some more playground time

Weather was nice and sunny again today and we had lots of fun going to several of the playgrounds here. On the first (the one with the yellow slide), Julius tried to interact with 2 girls, but was mainly using … Continue reading

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Buta no kakuni lunch 2013

Like in the winters before (i.e. 2009, we returned to that one pork place in Chitose-Karasuyama (Kurobuta-Chinton) to have buta no kakuni. This time was also dragged Julius along and he enjoyed that tender and flavorful meat a lot. They … Continue reading

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