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The Economist on Ethiopia’s Telecom

Nice to read that the international press is aware of just how bad the telecom situation in this country is. But I doubt that will change anything. Original link. I did some highlighting. Telecoms in Ethiopia – Out of reach … Continue reading

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Addis street impressions

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Generation iOS

This was a very rainy weekend with not much to do other than our usual stint Saturday mornings at the school library. So, quite some time (and fun) was had by all on their respective iOS devices

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Homework in the dark

Today we have been plagued blessed with 9 (NINE!) power outs. As far as I know of, might have been more while I was out of the house. Every time that happens I have to fumble around with my USB … Continue reading

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Banana Bacon Sushi

Bacon and fruit has always been his breakfast staple, but it drove me nuts that he would eat the bacon with his fingers instead of using his fork. So I came up with this new presentation, and see, he uses … Continue reading

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Best Birthday gift ever

What can you give a man who loves tech-gadgets, but there is no way of knowing if either he already has it, or if he thinks this is good or crap? I admit that it is close to impossible to … Continue reading

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Another blast from the past

My old pal Lucien was the DJ at the Mondo 107 party at the world trade center back in New York. He is also a great photographer and has obviously a very well organized archive of his bazillion of photos. … Continue reading

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Back to school

As pretty much every year, we plan our travel in such a way that right after arrival, school starts again. No chance for any lengthy jet lag hangovers. And Julius is doing fine, we still all want to go to … Continue reading

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And we are back in Addis…

… home, sweet home … I will write about our last days in Japan (heatwave) and our trip back (28h) later.

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All signs against us leaving

We are having the two hottest days in Tokyo right now, reaching 41C. But we still had some last minute stuff to do, walked through the sweltering heat. We had tried all morning to secure a taxi for our way … Continue reading

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Thai food in Japan with friends

We met with Patrick and Tomoko in a beautiful park in Kichijoji and had Thai and Vietnamese food at pepacafe FOREST [sic], which was very good. The setting was also very nice, semi out-side with no AC … and that … Continue reading

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ok, rather “Sparklers” A nice summer evening leisure activity here and he got a whole bunch for his birthday.

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Happy 9th big man!

This is the first time Julius gets to celebrate his Birthday in Japan! The story so far: (Today’s pic coming up as soon as the little prince feels photographable) Unfortunately there is no cake (yet), we wanted to go get … Continue reading

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Roppongi Impressions

Walked around Roppongi a bit at night to take pictures … Not my favorite part of town to hang out … too many gaijin .. and seedy establishments left and right.

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