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Frankfurt, baby!

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And after 2h of walking in cold, wet forrest weather, we enjoyed some very nice game meat dishes in a very nice forrest restaurant.

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Someone has to tidy up IKEA

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Holiday break – here some random pics

I just don’t get around to do much regarding updates while we are on xmas holiday .. and once we are back in Addis, we will be stuck in work .. so, bear with me .. if you are linked … Continue reading

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Looong travel day .. and night!

+ we found out where Santa is getting all those gifts from …

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This year’s “december holidays” (politically correct) school concert

Enjoy 5 minutes of J’s school concert. His grade did 3 numbers: A hanuka song, something on their recorders (they just started with them this year) and “Santa Claus is coming to town”, which is fun to watch, as kids … Continue reading

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Santa’s little hamburger

Talking and eating …

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Yes, there is an interesting story behind this photo …

… but I am not at liberty to spill the beans just yet … (But if you think the guy next to me looks like a young version of a recently deceased historical figure, you are not very far off … Continue reading

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Warm milk to fall asleep is soooo last millennium … … this kid meditates! (For those interested, he is using an iOS app called “Relax Melodies Oriental” .. which I also use twice a day for meditation)

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Please participate in comment test!

It appears that ever since I moved the blog one directory down, there could be problems with leaving comments. I have tested this on my end and can easily leave comments, but I heard other can only leave on an … Continue reading


Can you see me?

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Playdate / sleepover at Bill’s

Just got some pics from the recent sleepover.

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Early morning playground fun

Just snapped this picture because I had not seen Julius in over 14h. He had a sleepover last night with his friend Bill. He does not have that much sleepover experience and it appears the night was a bit rocky, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Emperor Akihito

Once again we were invited by the Japanese embassy to the Hilton, this time it was to celebrate Emperor Akihito’s 80th birthday (nitpick: his birthday is december 23rd). It was pretty much the same as just a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Boys like it rough

This is at least what Julius admitted and he had a blast at the pool again today (school still closed). And sunscreen is VERY important!

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