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Lunches of March

As I am continuing making lunches for Julius just like December, January and February. With 20 different dishes (there were no holidays), this has been so far the busiest month. It appears that we lost the orange lunch box. My … Continue reading

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Tutelary [Thành Hoàng]

Always something fun and new to discover here. I had noticed over the weekend already that there was more activity at the neighborhood temples and there was a bit of a fairground atmosphere in the air … Then this morning, … Continue reading

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Tennis Day

Today there was a lot of tennis: First, as usual (but also for the last time), Julius 90 min lesson with Jack at 11AM, and then there was ‘Tennis Day’ by the French Tennis Academy, at the same location, from … Continue reading

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Thai cultural weekend @ Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Ritsu received invitations to check out the Thai cultural weekend which started of with some very diverse and impressive dance performances. Later on we used the occasion and checked out the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, which has one building dedicated … Continue reading

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Boys …

I usually go to UNIS before his music lesson starts, to make sure he gets there on time. Seeing how he can get distracted, hanging out with the 6 graders and their computers.

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Meanwhile … in Hai Phong

And Ritsu keeps us informed now from north Vietnam’s harbor town. Bonus post a few days later, Ritsu in action!

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Staying in touch

Last night over dinner I had the idea of propping up my iPad and include Ritsu in our family ritual, long distance style Nothing really new to Julius, we did that as early is 2006:

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Rainy Morning

Most of the times, when it rains at night, it is done by morning. Not today …

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Meanwhile … in Hạ Long Bay

Ritsu is off again on a business trip to the coastal towns of Hạ Long Bay and Haiphong.

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Rachmaninov @ VNAM Concert Hall

Last night we went for some classical live music again, but this time the concert was held in the very new looking concert hall of the Vietnamese National Academy of Music. Compared to the Opera House it misses some of … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Spring Fair

Second time we experience the Spring Fair at Julius’ school, but last year felt very different since Ritsu was not with us and we hardly knew anyone back then. This time it was hello-here and shake-hands-there and Julius was off … Continue reading

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The Art of Softy Making

And this is his other new, crafty ASA, making your own little plushies. This first Totoro only took him 2 sessions.

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Coding Club

One of his new after school activities this time around is the Coding Club, where kids get their first hands-on experience with a programming language.

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What the duck?

A bit like the crab story a while ago, Ritsu brought another surprise dinner guest from her business trip: This time an entire roasted duck! This time I did not have to explore how to kill the critter, but I … Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon

No, we are still not getting a dog! There are enough dogs to play with at the park. And somehow we always get to meet new dogs, which is great. This big fluffy sofa on legs just had hip surgery … Continue reading

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