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Meanwhile … in Lạng Sơn

Ritsu left yesterday by car heading north, straight towards China! Always fun to realize that going to China can be done with a 4h car ride here. (Getting a visa is a different story) She’ll be back home tomorrow.

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When Ritsu is traveling, Julius and I somehow manage to get the morning routine done quicker and today we had 10 minutes before leaving for the school bus. I suggested he can practice his new song he does in vocal … Continue reading

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Happy Moldy March

I do not recall last year being that intense …

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Tennis with Helmet

At the end of today’s tennis session, they did a little game and Julius thought it wise to wear his motorbike helmet as protection …

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Transport Cambodia Style

Received some more Cambodia photos today from the nice Dutch family we met in Siem Reap. They got this great shot of us just when we were leaving for the airport.

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Last week’s concert in school newspaper

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Home cooked Vietnamese dinner

Another beautiful example of great local cuisine our cook Van (who comes 3 times a week) has prepared for us tonight: Vietnamese spring rolls and some non-soup based noodle dish.

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Scenes from school

Grade 5 is working hard on their end of year (and end of elementary school) exhibition, a chance for all students to showcase their learning and research skills on topics the students selected. (Julius is in the Natural Disaster group … Continue reading

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What’s the password?

I dragged Julius along today to a doctor’s appointment and by the time I was done he had already successfully inquired about the wifi password and was happily checking his school email.

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Rainy weekend – lots of Lego

The weekend was all grey and drizzly / rainy. While soccer was still on, tennis got cancelled again, and the movie I had planned to go watch with Julius (Chappie), being advertized here as rated G, after some research I … Continue reading

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Another neighborhood phở place

We tried a different phở place for lunch today (since our fav Bun Ca place and that other phở place had already closed down for the day. Simply called ‘Phở’, it is on Ritsu’s way to her yoga studio. In … Continue reading

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UMA Concert – too much Katy Perry ;)

Julius has been doing vocal lessons at UMA (that’s the UNIS Musical Academy, like a school within a school) since 5th grade started and today all the UMA kids got their chance to showcase their progress on stage. The 6 … Continue reading

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Violin lesson with teacher on piano

At today’s lesson I was treated to a mini-performance. I keep listening to the same handful of practice tunes over and over at home … this time around with piano it sounds so much better

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Decisions, decisions …

Which hat shall I wear today?

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Instructions for the tooth fairy

Last night he wiggled out tooth #10 (second canine) and he made it very clear and easy for the tooth fairy.

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