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Lunches of Summer

Half June, none in July and half August .. here we go again … Note to self: Do not bother finding quinoa again … 😉 (Click here for the menu)

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Independence Day Weekend

On September 2, 1945, Hồ Chí Minh read the Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: ‘Tuyên ngôn độc lập Việt Nam Dân chủ Cộng hòa’) during a public meeting in front of thousands of people, at … Continue reading

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It is still hot … and we are glad to have our small pool

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Wing Wednesday

Found this special Wednesday offer for wings at Moos & Roo (and had their wings before, pretty good) and with Ritsu still out of town, it was just us boys hopping in a cab (still not thinking my wrist is … Continue reading

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Julius, Ahn & Ollie

For his birthday Julius really wanted a ‘drone’ (this is what kids these days call remote controlled toys) and a flying thingie was out of the question (those are really not as easy to control as it seems and in … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … in New Delhi

Ritsu on mission again, always finding an adventure …

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When I was Julius’ age, one thing I really loved to do was taking a screwdriver to my cassette player and take it apart, investigate, put it back together … until I even figured out how to attach a second … Continue reading

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Summer Leftover

I am still going after those summer course providers who have not really shared many photos yet. A recent inquiry told me that they are still in the process of updating their website and they pointed me at a 48 … Continue reading

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Progress in Roller Blading

So much fun to compare Julius very first steps / his first week of blading With how he is doing now. It sure was great that we actually packed them for the summer holidays and he got to blade on … Continue reading

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Back to school

After this very long summer, today we had to get up early again and head for the school bus. Different this time is that all 12 passengers for the bus wait pretty much just across from our gate. Nice congregation … Continue reading

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It’s still hot …

We had hoped to escape most of the summer heat, even Thailand maxed out at 33˚C .. but now we are back and despite the heat we tried to get out to the park, but we did not last as … Continue reading

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My own birthday clown

This is how Julius greeted me at birthday breakfast!

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Fancy Birthday Dinner

For my birthday, Ritsu took us out to a very fancy place in the fairly new Lotte Tower. Grill 63 is located on the 63th floor and the views over the city at dusk are fantastic, reminded me a lot … Continue reading

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The long trip home

Every vacation comes to an end, but we were very fortunate that we were spared any kind of super early get up hassle. Instead we could enjoy one more fantastic breakfast and at 10 we checked out and our driver … Continue reading

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One last glorious sunset

It appears the weather gods have waited until our very last evening to grace us with this superb celestial spectacle! Julius had fun for HOURS just building this sand castle (and having sand / water splash fights with me)

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