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Dinner & a Dance Show

Second night in a row that Ritsu whisks me away to accompany her to some work related event. I am still not really sure what this one was about, something about a work shop with the armed forces of Sri … Continue reading

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Turkish National Day

Tonight the Turkish Ambassador invited to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish republic. The usual exercise of mingling, networking, dodging my favorite question (“So, and what do YOU do?”) and of course, after the usual amount … Continue reading

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5K Charity Run

In the whee early Sunday morning hours, Ritsu and I ventured out again for another 5K run, this time a charity event. Pretty big turn out with 130 runners. After a lot of rain, it was very nice to see … Continue reading

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#Streetphotography: Tourists …

Just to be clear, this is a pretty active train track. Around sunset time there is usually a train coming by every 5 minutes … Now I understand why there are so many warning signs, more recent ones even including … Continue reading

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Salmon Bagel Lunch & more Sunsets

Not too much going on today. Picked up Ritsu for lunch, Barefoot’s cafe has very nice smoked salmon bagels. But the real reason we went was to shop for some nice pillow cases with Sri Lankan patterns for the new … Continue reading

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Finally Furniture

Finally, the days of empty living room and dining room are over. It has taken us a good while, we visited a few promising furniture places and finally found one we liked and put in our order after a lot … Continue reading

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“Gavotte” by J.B. Lully (more violin)

It has been a while since Julius “mastered” a new piece. Since his ABRSM exam in June he has been repeating his old repertoire up and down to stay in shape. Now, with a new teacher come new pieces and … Continue reading

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Sri Lankan Driving License

Latest addition to my ever growing collection of drivers’ licenses: After EU, New York, Fiji and Vietnam, now I also have the proper authority to drive our car here. I have been driving already, firmly believing that there is a … Continue reading

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Happy Half Marathon Monday

Happy half marathon Monday everyone! Today I felt really good about my running and at 5K I already knew I could go long this time, barely any pain in my left hip joint. I had gotten used to the clean … Continue reading

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Another Playdate

Julius was invited again to have a play date with his friend Lenny, which meant for me 2×90 minute round trip in my weekend role as the family’s chauffeur. First I dropped him off at school, which is close to … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … working Sundays

Since my humble job as Julius’ weekend chauffeur does not get any medals, flowers or media attention (nor photos taken of) … here’s Ritsu: Another picture from the event:

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Good Night Colombo!

Tonight I made my evening walk much longer than usual (7km / 90 minutes). I went to the ocean first, took my sunset pictures and the started walking south all the way the Wellawatte beach. Since it was getting dark … Continue reading

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Three Way Conferences

Every so often (I think twice a year) I have the opportunity to talk with all teachers about Julius’ progress. And thanks to modern technology I was able to generate this intricate schedule that allowed me to visit all those … Continue reading

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SOSL Gala Concert

Tonight we attended our second concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka, this time at the Ladies’ College Auditorium. This place unfortunately has pretty hard, wooden seats and either I plan on bringing a pillow next time, or I … Continue reading

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Diwali lunch @ Galle Face Hotel

Today is one of those holidays (Diwali) that is being observed by Ritsu’s office, while Julius’ school is open for business. And after a tough 2 day business trip Ritsu very much needed a bit of battery recharge time. For … Continue reading

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