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Turn on the water?

Cats find the best places for naps …

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Finally Vaccinated

Last night we brought kitten to the vet (again) as they FINALLY have that TriCat vaccine now. The one that she needed so badly and without which she got seriously sick TWICE.

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Meanwhile … more from Ritsu’s Twitter

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Full Moon Speed Session

I did not sleep very well last night and was wide awake by 4AM, so I took this as a sign that I should join today’s early morning speed session. Has been a while. Full moon, dark park with sleeping … Continue reading

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When you have to get up …

… but the cat has declared you furniture!

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Meanwhile … in a TV studio

TV interview for #MenstrualHygieneDay. Hope I get a video of the actual interview at some point.

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Sunday Mix: Run-Movie-Lunch

Kicking off Sunday by meeting other crazy runners at 5AM (in the dark, in the rain) to get a 9K run in before we are hosting the next CCR 5K City Run. Despite the ugly weather, the turn out was … Continue reading

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Lots of violin today

This beautiful, rainy Saturday started with earlier than usual violin practice at 8:30AM. Because of the fallen tree branches thanks to stormy winds, the teacher was 15 minutes late, which gave me the opportunity to learn on the spot how … Continue reading

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Kitten on Antibiotics

The worst is over and the cat can continue her recovery at home with twice daily doses of antibiotics. Which means… SLEEEP … Lots of SLEEEEEEEP … On Papa’s tummy SLEEEEEEEEEP … But also some awake time, mainly to get … Continue reading

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Rain Run / Puddle Surfing

Not sure what drove me to kick my ass out the door instead onto the treadmill. Maybe seeing one lone runner out there at the otherwise deserted Independence Square area was an inspiration. The puddles were a bit of an … Continue reading

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Gloomy Skies #streetphotography

With monsoon in full swing, my evening walks are often foiled by pouring rain. Today it was only dark and I went out a bit earlier and got some nice ‘gloom sun’ shots. There is this bit of prime real estate … Continue reading

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Kitten Update

Yay! The cat is still alive! She stayed at the vet’s all Monday and we went to see her Monday evening. From what the doctors told us, she has once again some viral infection as indicated by her low white … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … Mother’s Day letter in Dhivehi

And now you know what the language of the Maldives is called, you can always learn something new here! One of the few scripts that’s written / read right to left. Took me a while, but I figured out that … Continue reading

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Morning Run

These days I don’t get to run outside that much and when I do, I keep it to 5-6km. The weather has been very unstable, it always looks like it is raining and the humidity is crazy high. The temperature … Continue reading

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Cat back to the vet AGAIN!

This morning both, Julius & Ritsu agreed that the cat felt somewhat hot, so right after I got home from gym (and the vet was open) I brought her to be checked out. One greased thermometer up her rear end … Continue reading

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