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Impossible Burger @ Fat Boy’s

Finally got to try the ‘other’ big brand name plant based burger. Somehow ‘impossible’ is all over the place, while ‘beyond’ is nowhere to be seen. In terms of flavor it’s rather tricky, like with the BeyondMeat patty I am … Continue reading

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Fullerton Hotel Monuments Tour

Some more culture today! A free, guided tour of the Fullerton hotel which actually was the main post office from 1928 until the late 90ies. Very interesting tidbits, but half of it was again focusing on Singapore’s recent history from … Continue reading

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Good morning Singapore!

Mixing things up today by going couple running. First 4K together, to make sure Ritsu finds Marina Bay, then I do the loop 3 times on tempo, while she does one casual round. Then we trot back 2K and once … Continue reading

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