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Blast from the Past

This is from 6 years ago. One of my all time favorites!


Julius’ first Creepy Pasta short story got audio published!

A while ago Julius shared one of his first ‘ghost stories’ with me, his generation gave those the nice umbrella term ‘CreepyPasta’ … and his story got picked up by a youtube audio presenter with 30K followers. Enjoy, his is … Continue reading

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Meanwhile … Ritsu on TV again

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Meanwhile …

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Taking a Blog Break

I noticed that my posts here have become the same round and round of ‘Peter running’, ‘Family eating’, ‘Cat being cute’ and occasionally ‘Ritsu somewhere’ and maybe some local news … For now I decided to take a break from … Continue reading



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Meanwhile… still in Nairobi

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Speed Session

This morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed early again for our weekly speed session.

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Sunset Walk

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Poya Day Mural Run

Always fun to run into fellow CCR runners. Also, Poya Day – much less traffic!

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Meanwhile… in Nairobi

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Ramen Lunch @ new mall

A new mall opened a few days ago right next to Shangri-La (up on Galle Face) and we managed to beat the incredible long line at the entrance for parking (thanks to security screening every single car) by simply parking … Continue reading

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Night Beach

We were invited to a farewell party at the beach of Mt. Lavinia hotel and we arrived just after missing the sunset, but still getting a really nice after glow. The below pictures are all unedited! This was a nice … Continue reading

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Galle Face Walk

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Assorted Runs of the Week

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