Gelato Crazy!

By now, it must be obvious that I LOVE GELATO!! It’s so evil and tempting that there are gelateria all over Turin… But what I haven’t really discovered is what kinds of flavours they have because I don’t understand Italian… Below is a list which I compiled through some online research, but please let us know if anyone has a more complete list!

Nocciola: hazelnut
Cioccolato: chocolate
Caffé: coffee
Limone: lemon
Fragola: strawberry
Melone: melon (cantaloupe)
Crema: vanilla
Mandorle: almond
Albicocche: apricot
Amaretti: amaretto
Ciliege: cherry
Banane: banana
Yogurt: yogurt
Anguria: watermelon
Fichi: fig

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5 Responses to Gelato Crazy!

  1. Frances.T says:

    Pistacio, my favourite…yummy!

  2. Peter says:

    We had also encountered:

    Nutella: (needs no explanation I guess)
    Stratcciatella: Vanilla with chocolate pieces
    Toroncino: (I ate it and would guess it is some kind of nut, but no idea yet)

  3. Juergen says:

    Not 100% sure but I think Toroncino is something with “Krokant” (brittle?) and cherries.

  4. Marco from Turin says:

    Torroncino: a small “torrone” (honey, almond)
    Zuppa inglese: literally “english soup”, but I suspect in UK the don’t know about it.
    Fiordilatte: cream (latte = milk)
    I’m not quite sure of your translation of crema with vanilla. We
    call vanilla “vaniglia” and cream “crema”.

    Besides these, you can make gelato with any kind of fruit, and also
    some vegetables indeed :)

    Usually there is no butter in gelato, but milk instead.

    Enjoy your stay!

  5. eddie says:

    Gelato’s the best! it has a more solid texture to it right? delicious!

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