Today’s Julius Bulletin: HE WALKS !!!

This was interesting today: He did not realize it and me neither, at first … while holding his bottle, he made some shy steps forward, without securing himself to anything (other than his bottle, maybe that worked as a security blanket). But this was indeed the very first time that he was walking freely!!!

And even better: He repeated it a few times later just for the camera crazy dad!

click here for the surprise milestone video.

Now also on youtube

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2 Responses to Today’s Julius Bulletin: HE WALKS !!!

  1. Anja says:

    Congratulations little man !!!! Milestone no. 1 ! … next one will be to cope with Dads Computer :)

  2. jaelithe says:

    Isaac keeps insisting that we watch this Julius walking video, and every time we do he turns to me and says “Boots?”

    I suppose because Julius doesn’t have any on. Heh.

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