More Nachos @ Gizmo

It was Julius’ idea / request to return to Gizmo for the nachos. And since we liked our last visit there a lot, we did not mind that it is not super close to us (we do have to take the bikes).

Everything was great again, this time we also tried the burrito and scored a free serving of enchiladas, which are still in the testing phase and the owner is a super nice person who I met recently at foodie pal Mon’s soiré.

I find that Julius looks like a hungry bird asking for permission to start eating in that first picture.

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2 Responses to More Nachos @ Gizmo

  1. ritsu says:

    He looks like a 5-year old boy in the first picture! So cute!!

  2. ritsu says:

    And I look like a monster in the upper corner of the second picture…

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