What the duck?

A bit like the crab story a while ago, Ritsu brought another surprise dinner guest from her business trip: This time an entire roasted duck!

This time I did not have to explore how to kill the critter, but I never had to dissect the whole bird before. It was an interesting mess. The end result was very tasty, some areas, like the wings, have pretty much no meat. But there was overall enough to feed the family, plus someone got a very special lunch for school.

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  1. Anja says:

    Wir hatten letzte Woche auch Ente (OK, easy Entenbrust) und ROTKOHL. Den musste ich aus Deutschland importieren, weil es den hier nur schwer zu kaufen gibt…. Ist das auch Rotkohl in J’s Box? Hast Du den selbstgemacht?!?
    Sieht alles superlecker aus…

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