Tutelary [Thành Hoàng]

Always something fun and new to discover here. I had noticed over the weekend already that there was more activity at the neighborhood temples and there was a bit of a fairground atmosphere in the air …

Then this morning, as a first sign, I saw this traditionally clad lady on her bike. Signs of things to come.

Then half an hour later I started hearing drums and music and rushed out to take pictures, quickly realizing that video would be better to capture this event.

Here is a bit google translated from wikipedia:

Tutelary ( kanji :城隍) is the main deity worshiped in the home village of Vietnam . This deity with or without your name and background, though come from any class, so also in the realm of the sacred sovereignty of the village are of a general nature and is the national leader households (household water to help people ) in the immediate locality.

Full article here, run through Chrome and you get a descent idea.

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