Today’s Julius: Trip back to Italy

Our trip back was pretty ok. We had a car pick us up at noon. Again more fun Cairo traffic. At the airport in time, passing through 3000 metal detectors it seems, having a so so panini for lunch and boarding was on time.

What can I say about Alitalia? Nice crew, very old planes. But they did their job and though the plane was pretty full this time, we ended up having a row of 3 for ourselves. Julius was peachy and not much in sleepy mode.

We arrived in Rome on time, our depature gate to Torino was changed and thanks to a thunderstorm, our flight was delayed for 20 minutes. The flight was pretty packed, but we got a beautiful view of Torino once we approached. Our luggage had made the trip as well and our speeding taxi driver had us back home in no time.

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