Shopping Trip, Pizza and Izakaya (video)

We travelled quite some to find the biggest “Babies R Us” store around Tokyo. Since Fiji is a bit behind in terms of selection and quality regarding babystuff (our understanding is that all expats get their stuff from overseas) we were very happy to find great stuff … while other things still puzzle us .. either “what is this” or “how can we get that on the plane” .. anyways .. trying on those baby carriers was sure fun.

After several hours we were pretty much done and were craving food. In that area was pretty much nothing … we finally found 2 places next to each other .. and both places’ theme was ‘noodles’ … Ringer Hut seems to be some Ramen fast food chain … when we were looking at the menu outside some grumpy waiter approached us and that made our decision that we would not want to eat there .. the other place was called “Jolly Pasta” and also seems to be a chain … focusing on italian pasta and pizza … and boy what a pleasant surprise … for 5.80 USD i got a 12″ basic but tasty and double cheesy pizza of really good quality, garnished with fresh basil. And Ritsu’s spaghetti arrived al dente. They even had non alcoholic beer for the pregnant lady. To add a bit of japanese touch, several extras were available (in separate jars, not as a topping) .. so for a mere 1US$ i got like 3 spoonfuls of Ikura.

Before we headed back home, we stopped by a pretty large electronics store (Yamada) and I looked again at that camera I wanted … and after confusing a nice sales lady a lot with “we pay cash” and “he lives abroad, how about duty free” … we got a pretty kick ass price on the cam and a free video cam pouch on top of it … the cash part nearlt fell through though .. had we had any more food before, we could not have paid it .. so .. we basically emptied both our wallets .. but well worth it … the camera I got is the Sanyo Xacti … a nice little gadget I got interested in when Ritsu found the add in a japanese newspaper. In my opinion the first real well made hybrid still / video cam which does not use tape at all … sure .. there have been miniDV cams out there for years which alse take (crappy) still pics … or most digital photo cameras these days also take short video clips which are ok for emailing or websites … but this cam takes DV quality video AND does 3 megapixel photos .. and all that in a well designed and tiny housing, great functionality (no worries that the 170 page manual is japanese only) and it also comes with nice extras like remote control and belt case (an accessory for which Sony would easily charge another 40USD for) … I will post some first videos shortly .. so far I am very happy with this new toy …

The way home took a while again and we did not have much time, as we were planning on meeting Ritsu’s friend Utako in Kitijoji, an area of Tokyo I had never been before, but it was Ritsu’s old Highschool stomping grounds … we walked again to Sengawa station but took a bus this time .. we arrived a bit late, thanks to high traffic … but we met and walked around and found a nice Izakaya place where we had great food …

Among the items we had (and i recall) was some very good Sashimi, some fried fish, salad and something I have not had since my last trip to Japan .. raw horse meat. Hey, how about a first movie clip of that evening … not super spectacular .. no nude table dancing … but still .. its like being there :)

After dinner we went to a nearby park to marvel at the drunk, happy and chanting masses of sakura celebrating people and we walked around the pond. It was too dark to take pictures (but Patrick took some just days before.) … when we called it a night it was too late for the bus, so we had to take a couple of trains to get back .. plus that 25 minute walk .. so we were tired and happy when we returned.

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