Arrival in Tokyo and Sashimi Feast

So, the rest of the flight was ok, the next ‘light’ meal was choice of lasagna or mini sandwiches. We both had sandwiches and they were ok. We landed ahead of time, while Ritsu could go through the “japanese passports” booths, while i had to line up quite a while till I got through immigrations. I was surprised that there was no customs form to fill in. Ritsu had already secured our luggage and we had no trouble going through customs …

Getting from Narita Airport to anywhere in the city seems to be a major drag and offers a bazillion of choices. Taxi is financially out of the question. We first took a “skyliner” rapid train for 51 minutes (with pre-assigned door and seats) … we had to change trains 2 more times, which was fun with 2 super heavy suitcases (27 and 18 kilos) and the 20 kilo computer bag on my back.

The last stretch we took a taxi and arrived at Ritsu’s parent’s house after 8 PM. After a very warm welcome we were spoilt with a fantastic dinner. Sashimi including my 2 alltime favorites: Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Uni (Sea Urchin) … the latter was a real treat as the quality was outstanding and the amount I had (well, I was kinda ‘forced’ to finish up, since the uni would be bad next day) would be used in a Sushi restaurant on 20 pieces of uni-sushi. The ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) and tuna and hotatte (scallop) were fantastic too. All this together with nice cold Asahi beer .. I was in heaven.

After dinner we took a stroll and went to a nearby Seiyo supermarket where I had fun checking out all the different things, like huge bottles of Sake, mini shopping baskets and looking for my favorite chips, which now also come in double cheese and hot’n spicy flavor.

While walking I kept being amazed as to how narrow all the streets in the rural areas of Tokyo are, and how people still manage to drive their cars there, without constantly killing all those pesky pedestrians and bicyclists.

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