Flight to Tokyo

while I am typing this I am on the plane right now … so fun to have the computer as a nice diversion.

We woke up early enough, did our packing, checked out and took the free shuttle to the airport (which is really just a stone throw away). There was not much going on at check in, which was nice … but it seemed that some large japanese tourist groups had some automated pre-check-in .. so there were no 2 seat window side seats left. So, the next best we could get was a 3 middle row for the 2 of us.

We spend some time at Republic of Cappuccino, where Ritsu tried their ice chocolate (basically just chocolate ice blended with milk) … When we had to go through all kinds of security controls, we had to deal with lots of korean and vietnamese tourists who had no problems with cutting lines and look silly when asked something in english (the japanese tourist groups where actually very well organized.

After some quick duty free, we were already up for boarding the plane … i’d reckon that 80% on board here are Japanese … that’s a new experience for me with Air Pacific. The security video is in English and Japanese and the food was great. Choice was Teriyaki chicken or grilled Mahi Mahi. But it came with chop sticks and cold noodles with japanese noodle dressing and wasabi … it rarely happens that I eat all the food … in this case I even ate Ritsu’s desert too.

Best part so far: the flight is pretty empty … no idea why they said all window seats are taken … right now we are occupying 5 seats … Ritsu has the 2 window seats and I have a whole 3 seat middle row fairly next to her for me. I can spread out and do computer stuff …

As for the movies: They started with “intolerable cruelty”, but they quickly realized that their VHS copy was close to unwatchable .. so they switched to “school of rock” … only to find out that they put in the copy that does not feature a japanese dub track … so .. after 15 minutes they started the movie again with japanese dub track … so much fun to watch Jack Black dubbed in japanese …

The service here so far is much better that I had on any Air Pacific flight .. and I have the feeling that I have more leg room … though according to the statistics in that booklet it is 32″ throughout the fleet for coach (50″ for business class) …

Can’t wait for the next meal .. and can’t wait for japanese food once we land !!! yeah.

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