Singapore trip day 1

Our plane was only 15 minutes delayed and Julius fell asleep in my lap even before we taxied to the runway and did not even wake up when lunch was served.

The flight was fine, food ok and after 3h we descended into hazy Changi airport. I was surprised how empty immigration was, actually, the whole airport felt pretty empty. Got our luggage and then selected from all the transportation options the cheapest: by public bus.

Which was fine, but first we had to change money into smaller bills, then the bus seemed to be touring slowly around the airport. The bus route is also not the direct line, but we got some nice first glimpses of the skyline and eventually the bus dropped us directly at our hotel.

Check in was a breeze, the room is ok, small, but bigger than what we had in Hong Kong last year. Also, this place has a roof top pool, which was our first stop after this day of traveling.

With dinner time approaching soon, we headed out to look for those food courts / hawker centers that we had heard so much about. After watching some clips on youtube, Julius had his mind set on ‘Sup Tulang’, a healthy stew of mutton with bones and especially succulent bone marrow. So, we headed to Little India, which is about 10 – 15 minutes walk from us. Along the way I managed to get a 10 day 100GB sim card (who needs 100GB in 10 days?) and talked with the cashier at ‘Cheers’ who pointed us at Tekka Market to find the dish we wanted.

Little India is full in Diwali swing and lights and people are everywhere (while other parts of the city we passed looked a bit deserted already). We found the food court, but after looking around and even talking with some of the stall people, we realized that most of those hawker stalls mainly operate for the mid-day / lunch business, and all you find at 7:30 is long overcooked leftovers .. none of the stalls had any Sup Tulang left … so we continued our search. I made a deal with Julius, if the next court (another 15 minutes walk) does not have what he wants (or anything else nice looking) … well, we get to that …

So, next stop Albert Food Centre, which also brought us across / in the middle of Bugis Street Night Market. While very similar in ‘cheap Chinese crap’ as we know from markets in HK or BKK, it looked pretty empty .. and about to wrap up .. Something else to keep in mind to come back to with more time and less empty stomachs …

The Albert Food Centre was even more in progress of closing shop and we realized that Julius is getting his wish early into this trip … off to McDonald we headed. Found the Abdul Gaffoor Mosque along the way, more by chance ->

We had spotted earlier that there was a McD not far from our hotel, but this ended up to be the most ‘interesting’ fast food location I could have dragged my 11 year old into: After ordering and taking seats, I first noticed this interesting display of ‘people at Mickey D’ = on one side some poor soul sleeping, on the other side 2 ‘hot girls’ getting ready for the night.

Then I noticed that in this mall basement we were, most ‘shops’ had heavy doors and fun names like ‘Club Heaven’, ‘King’s Club’ & ‘Club Casanovi’ … and around 8PM, several of those heavily made up ladies with the appropriate apparel went inside those clubs, most likely beginning their work shifts :)

Now we have learnt that we really need to show up earlier for those food stall adventures … dinner is probably reserved for the more regular restaurants with menus and such …

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