Singapore trip day 4 – ZOO

What a long and exciting day this was:

We had to get started early, spent exactly 3 minutes at breakfast which opens at 7:00 AM sharp to catch the train at 7:10, then switch to bus at An Mo Kio and at exactly 8:23 AM we arrived at the Singapore Zoo. I found that google maps with built in transit planer is pretty spot on and reliable.

The reason why we went that early is that we had booked the extra ‘Breakfast with Wildlife’ option, which included a fairly opulent breakfast buffet in the presence of a pack of orang-utans.

Not only that, there was also a snake that Julius was very very fascinated by, that was passed around and he held it several times.

They also offered photos with the apes, both professional, but also with your own camera / phone, which I found to be a very nice gesture. Overall, there were many of those professional (expensive) photo ops all over today, but none of them was ever pushy.

From then on we marched along, all over the zoo, following Julius and his trusty map, and there was just so much to see, a white Tiger named Omar, taking a bath, koalas, free running peacocks, huge crocodiles, ringtail lemurs …

I really liked that they had plenty of great sign cards / placards (or whatever you want to call them) around and Julius spent a LOT of time studying them all very intently!

It went on and on like that, we took in two shows, did some souvenir shopping (found this very cool glow-in-the-dark shirt in the 50% off section!) and after 5.5h we were done with the zoo part … but as any good theme park-ish enterprise, they had by now spawned off several sub-sections which required an extra ticket and so we headed over to River Safari, which was another park, offering a panda house, some more unique fish sightings and an actual boat cruise.

We finally were done with both parks after 7h total time and got very lucky when we went to the bust stop: a) bus showing up right that moment b) two minutes later it started raining cats, dogs and baby elephants!

Exactly 10h after leaving our hotel we returned with very tired feet.

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